New Student Organization Funding Application


My name is Nicholas Bezzarro and I currently serve as the Vice President for Financial Affairs of the Student Government Association (SGA). Working closely with the  Office of Student Activities, I will be helping you as you apply for funding from SGA for your New Student Organization.

Please read the following excerpt to learn more about eligibility for New Student Organization funding:

Student Government Association Financial Path

TITLE II – Guidelines for Applying Organizations and University Programs

Section 201. General guidelines

(G) No new student organization or provisional student organization shall be awarded more than two hundred (200) dollars for itemized start-up costs during a fiscal year. Any recommended appropriation beyond this amount shall be voted on and passed only with the unanimous consent of the Financial Affairs Committee. Any appropriation beyond this amount shall be noted as being beyond the limit in any legislation and committee reports pertaining to it.

(1) Any appropriation to a new or provisional organization for itemized start-up costs shall not count against said organization’s three (3) percent cap as outlined in Title II, Section 201, Subsection (E).

* Please note the following when applying for this or any other type of Student Government Association Funding

  • Apply for funding at least 4 weeks before the date of your event/travel/need of new organization items.
  • SGA ONLY appropriates funds to SPECIFIC events
  • SGA DOES NOT reimburse events that have been held in the past
  • SGA DOES NOT fund routine meetings or anything that does not comply with University policies or federal, state, and local laws
  • Your organization MUST adhere to Student Government’s Health & Safety Guidelines. Guidelines can be found HERE

* Furthermore, if your organization plans on receiving funds from SGA through the New Student Organization Application, you must go through the Approved Contracted Vendors list below.

I am so excited you are applying for funding and will be available to answer any questions or respond to concerns regarding SGA Financial Appropriations. Please do not hesitate to reach out at 330-941-3382 or