Kilcawley Center, 1 University Plaza, Youngstown, OH 44505


Agenda for September 28, 2009

Order of Business

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Minutes & Agenda
  4. Introductions
    1. New Representatives
  5. Executive Business
    1. VP for Financial Affair’s Report
    2. Committee Chairs’ Reports
      1. i.      Chair of Student Life Committee
      2. ii.      Chair of Academic Affairs Committee
      3. iii.      Chair of University Affairs Committee
      4. iv.      Chair of Financial Appropriations Committee
  6. Unfinished Business
  7. New Business
    1. A Bill (SB F 2009-03) Appropriations
  8. Advisors’ and Members’ Remarks
  9. Announcements
  10. Gallery Remarks
  11. Adjournment

VP for Financial Affair’s Report

Student Life Committee Report

(No written report submitted.)

Academic Affairs Committee Report

Monday, September 21, 2009

Start time: 4:05pm

Guests: Dr. Manning, Zach Brown, Donovan O’Neil

  • Discussed status of YSU 101; the resolution regarding it was passed in April 2009 by the Academic Senate and the proposed Ad Hoc committee is being formed.
  • Abbie and Joni discussed the results of their meeting with Dr. Cheryl Bosley, Brian Wells, and Julie Felix. The discussion revolved around Academic Advising, YSU 101, curriculum sheets, a Student Guidebook, and the proposed University College.
  • Committee discussed their interpretations of such projects as the Student Guidebook and how the University College would affect other projects.
  • Discussed the work that would need to be accomplished in order to produce a guidebook/handbook, and who would be responsible for it.
  • Discussed Academic Advising and what we would like to see included in an Academic Advisor Network.

University Affairs Committee Report


I. Attendance-


A. Nicole Peterson-Chair

B. Jack Daughtery-VP of University Affairs

C. Charles Mankey- Vice Chair

D. Genna Notareschi- Secretary

E. Lindsay Lipp

F. Roy Johnson


  1. Miranda James

II. Election of Vice Chair

  1. Charles Mankey

III. Election of Secretary

  1. Genna Notareschi

IV. G-mail

  1. We are checking with Kent to see how it has worked for them.
  2. We are going to figure out the pros and cons.
  3. We are going to contact the Jambar and e-mail students about  how G-mail would work.

V.  Financial Aid Funds

A.  The issue has been cleared up.

VI. Parking

  1. Lindsay is going to speak with the Wick Pollock about using their empty

parking lot for the residents in Courtyard apartments.

  1. Nicole will be checking on the demolition date for the Lincoln parking deck.
  2. The committee will be looking at other options for parking-

1. Placing a shuttle a shuttle at the Covelli Center

2. A parking deck behind the College of Education

D.  The idea was proposed to get engineering students involved with the process.

Financial Appropriations Committee Report

Absent: Chad Hughes, Brittany Sujka

Monday September 21, 2009


Organization: Dance Club
Total number of members: 15
Contact person: Paul Whorten
Phone: 3305032418
Advisor: Dr. Annette Burden
Advisor Phone: 3306474435
Advisor Email:
Fundraising efforts: We’ve performed for multiple fundraisers,
including Dance for a Cure, Relay for life, and an Akron Benefit Dance
in collaboration with Akron Students. We plan on performing for these
fundraisers again as well as expanding our fundraising efforts to
include as many as possible. One in particular is a pink tie event on
October 4th called “The 1st Annual Awwwmazing Affair to Remember” to
help with cancer research.
Community Service: We have in the past, and will continue to reach out
to nursing homes around the area and perform for the residents, giving
them more entertainment and joy. Anywhere from 3-5 couples usually go
and perform. We also perform for different Dinner Dances around the
community, such as The Snowflake Ball Kent State Sweetheart Ball. This
usually consists of around 4-8 couples. We plan to continue our
community service and expand to more fronts as well.
Event Name: Weekly Dance Lessons and Competition Sessions
Event Date: Every Wednesday
Event Location: On Campus, Beeghly Gym
Expected Participation: 12-30, probably more

Total Cost of event: $800 per semester
Event Description: Starting Sept. 9th, Dance Club will meet every
Wednesday from 3-4 to enjoy Ballroom Dance Lessons. We will form a
competition group shortly after that will meet about twice a week to
train more.
How event will benefit YSU: Dance club offers the unique experience of
ballroom dancing to YSU students. Every student is encouraged to attend
for many reasons. Ballroom dance offers such benefits as great exercise,
stress relief, and a way to socially network and build lasting
friendships. It also teaches balance, control, trust, and better
posture. It builds confidence within students, giving them a stronger
sense of self. It also provides a great way to help students do
community service and fundraising events. These lessons and training
will allow us to perform at various fundraising and community service
events around the area.
Cost Breakdown Item 1: Professional Dance Instructor Wages
Amount Requested Item 1: $800 per semester

Total Request: $800 per semester

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED:  $800 ($400 per semester)


Organization: University Scholar Trustees
Total number of members: 160
Contact person: Jason Heyman
Phone: 724.622.0864
Advisor: Dr. Amy Cossentino
Advisor Phone: 330.941.4741
Advisor Email:
Fundraising efforts: Our fund-raising efforts are focused on raising
money to send directly to the organizations which benefit the homeless.

Community Service: All scholars are required to complete a 60 hours of
community service each year. Through Shantytown, students will provide
community service at agencies that benefit the homeless. The Beatitude
House, The Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley, Second Harvest Foodbank,
Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army are the agencies in which
students will volunteer throughout the weekend.  They will serve these
agencies by cleaning and serving food to those staying at the Rescue
Mission, painting and raking leaves at the Beatitude House, packaging
food at Second Harvest Foodbank and assisting with various needs for
the Salvation Army.
Event Name: 11th Annual Shantytown Event
Event Date: October 24-25 2009
Event Location: Cafaro/Youngstown Community
Expected Participation: 120 students

Total Cost of event: $545.64
Event Description: The Leslie H. Cochran University Scholars 11th
annual Shantytown Event will be held October 24-25 which is in support
of the National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week.  This event is
designed to increase awareness in the community for homelessness.
Approximately 85 YSU students volunteer at local agencies that serve
the homeless, such as The Beatitude House, The Rescue Mission of
Mahoning Valley, Second Harvest Foodbank, Habitat for Humanity and the
Salvation Army, collect donations to be dispersed to the agencies, and
sleep outside in cardboard boxes, as a way of raising awareness of the
homeless situation. During Saturday evening, the program will include a
speaker from one of the local agencies, who will provide the students
with information about homelessness.  In addition, the students will
watch various movies related to homelessness and participate in group
activities to raise their own awareness.  Afterwards, the students will
sleep outside in their b
How event will benefit YSU: Students will be given the opportunity to
experience the perils homeless people suffer through, while raising
money and awareness to aid the homeless in the community.
Cost Breakdown Item 1: Security (10:00pm to 7:00am)
Amount Requested Item 1: $210.00
Cost Breakdown Item 2: Duct Tape (12 rolls at 4.97 a piece)
Amount Requested Item 2: $59.64
Cost Breakdown Item 3: Plastic Sheeting (4 rolls at 69.00)
Amount Requested Item 3: $276.00

Total Request: $545.64


AMOUNT RECOMMENDED:  Fully Fund ($545.64)


Organization: Western Reserve Battalion Society
Total number of members: 56
Contact person: Preston Dihle
Phone: 330-272-6001
Advisor: Thomas Ericksen
Advisor Phone: 440-391-2474
Advisor Email:
Fundraising efforts: Two bake sales and a sale of vouchers to Cold
Stone Creamery are being planned for the 9th and 16th of September.
Community Service: The Western Reserve Battalion Society conducts
color guards for any event or organization that requests one.
Including all home football games.  Examples include Veterans day,
Memorial day, and September 11th functions. In addition we help with event
such as nursing appreciation day, Thunder Over the Valley Air Show, and
by giving hands on demonstrations to special needs children. Pictures
can be seen on our website.
Event Name: Army Ten Miler
Event Date: 4 October 2009
Event Location: Washington D.C.
Expected Participation: 7

Total Cost of event: $1050.00
Event Description: The Western Reserve Battalion Society is sending
its best distance runners to participate in the Army Ten Miler in
Washington D.C. This is an annual event with approximately 30,000
participants each year.
How event will benefit YSU: The event will motivate selected student
by giving them the chance to run in a large race and also to tour the
nation’s capitol. In addition it will serve as motivation to the rest of
the students in our organization to maintain high academic and fitness
Cost Breakdown Item 1: Hotel ( 2 nights x 4 rooms)
Amount Requested Item 1: 447
Cost Breakdown Item 2: Meal expenses ( 7 students, 1 chaperone) x 2
Amount Requested Item 2: 560
Cost Breakdown Item 3: Parking (2 days in Metrorail lot)
Amount Requested Item 3: 10
Cost Breakdown Item 4: Metrorail tickets (2 days x 8 passes)
Amount Requested Item 4: 125
Cost Breakdown Item 5: Highway Tolls
Amount Requested Item 5: 50

Total Request: 1,192

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED:  $447 to cover the cost of the hotel.


Organization: Youngstown Ultimate Club
Total number of members: 15
Contact person: Michael L. Probst
Phone: 330-330-2010
Advisor: Dr. Bill Buckler
Advisor Phone: 330-941-1801
Advisor Email:
Fundraising efforts: We are currently seeking sponsors for the team.
We already have obtained one sponsor that will help fund our expenses.
We also plan on
Community Service: We are currently a brand new organization that has
not yet had an opportunity to participate in any community services
as a team. Our plans for the near future include participating in Relay
for Life with the American Cancer Society. Also as a team, every member
is also planning on volunteering at our local Rescue Mission.
Event Name: Denison tournament
Event Date: November 7th-8th
Event Location: Denison University
Expected Participation: 12

Total Cost of event: $125
Event Description: We Will be traveling to Denison for their annual
Frisbee tournament. While there we will be playing multiple different
colleges in the sport of ultimate. Saturday is pool play, followed by a
winner and loser bracket on Sunday.
How event will benefit YSU: It will allow our team to meet students
from other colleges. Also it will show everyone how YSU is a great
school and has great programs. Through the way we portray ourselves and
play the sport, we are confident that we will show a positive image for
both YSU and Youngstown itself.
Cost Breakdown Item 1: Bid to enter Denison tournament (due October
Amount Requested Item 1: $125
Cost Breakdown Item 2: Team Uniforms
Amount Requested Item 2: $700
Cost Breakdown Item 3: Team Equipment (Frisbees cones, etc.)
Amount Requested Item 3: $75
Cost Breakdown Item 4: Gas Expenses to commute to Denison tournament
Amount Requested Item 4: $100

Total Request: 1,000

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED:  $500 ($125 to cover entry fee and $375 to defray cost of uniforms)


Organization: Alpha Lambda Delta
Total number of members: 21
Contact person: Mellissa Gapsky
Phone: 724-79932-78
Advisor: William Blake
Advisor Phone: 330-941-2086
Advisor Email:
Fundraising efforts: This year we have a bake sale planned for around
the Halloween season. Also we will be having either a TGIF’s or Cici’s
pizza coupon day at one of those stores.
Community Service: Last year Alpha Lambda Delta held a Halloween Party
for the children at the Beatitude House. We will be holding this event
again in October. Also, this semester we will be volunteering at a soup
kitchen and making Christmas cards for a nursing home.
Event Name: Alpha Lambda Delta National Leadership Workshop
Event Date: October 16-18
Event Location: Minneapolis, MN
Expected Participation: 2 officer members, Mellissa Gapsky and Ben

Total Cost of event: $770
Event Description: At the Alpha Lambda Delta national Leadership
Workshop we will be able to meet with student members from chapters all
around the country, swap ideas for chapter service projects and other
programs with advisors from colleges of every size and style. It is a
three day event with different activities and seminars.
How event will benefit YSU: By going to this workshop I feel that the
ALD organization will be better able to serve the YSU student body. It
will aid us in getting better ideas how to reach out and aid the
freshman class. I think this conference will be extremely positive in
helping our chapter grow more successful which will in turn aid us in
helping the campus.
Cost Breakdown Item 1: Registration for Workshop ($35 per person)
Amount Requested Item 1: $70
Cost Breakdown Item 2: Airplane round trip to Minneapolis, MN
Amount Requested Item 2: $500
Cost Breakdown Item 3: Transportation to and from Airport and Hotel
Amount Requested Item 3: $150
Cost Breakdown Item 4: Basic traveling needs (Food, gas, etc.)
Amount Requested Item 4: $50

Total Request: $770

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED:  $200 to cover cost of registration and to defray the cost of airfare.


Organization: Society of Women Engineers
Total number of members: 30
Contact person: Sarah Brothers
Phone: 330.720.3244
Advisor: Prof. Carol Lamb
Advisor Phone: 330.941.4625
Advisor Email:
Fundraising efforts: This past spring our chapter sold “YSU
Engineering” sweatpants. This upcoming semester we are planning on
selling candles and T-shirts. We are looking into holding a STEM Career
Fair this upcoming spring, but there is a lot of “red tape” involved
with this event; we are currently discussing it with Dean Abraham.
Community Service: This organization partners with Phi Sigma Chi on
many volunteer events since every single member of Phi Sigma Chi is in
SWE and both organizations share a similar goal. Last spring members
helped put on the labs involved with the Women in Science and
Engineering Day here at YSU which promotes high school girls to pursue
a career in science. We had approximately 8 members participate.
Additionally, involvement with the Girl Scouts is being explored for
this upcoming semester.
Event Name: SWE Regional Conference
Event Date: March 5-7, 2010
Event Location: University of Kentucky
Expected Participation: 4 student offices + 4 student members + 1
advisor= 8 students (advisor will self sponsor)

Total Cost of event: $814.16 (2 rooms + travel)
Event Description: Each year SWE has a student conference for each
region (we are located in Region G which includes Ohio, Western PA and
Kentucky). At the regional conference attendees get to participate in a
career fair, have one on one talks with professionals, learn both
professional as well as leadership skills, and have a little bit of
fun. “As we strive to achieve our full potential in this demanding
profession, attending a SWE conference can give us many opportunities
not found in the classroom or professional environment. A SWE
Conference includes educational seminars and speakers. It is also a
location where women in engineering can meet and network with women
with similar interests, struggles, and aspirations”- SWE 2009 Region G
Conference Website.
How event will benefit YSU: Student attendance at this event will
benefit the students attending professionally, thus producing a
positive reflection on YSU. Students will also return with increased
leadership skills and professional skills which they can use to benefit
the other student organizations they are in and can share with their
peers. Finally, student attendance will increase awareness of YSU on a
professional level by the positive impression the students will leave
on the professionals and companies present at the conference.
Cost Breakdown Item 1: Griffin Gate Hotel (suggested conference hotel)
2 rooms @ 4 people per room @ $118.00 per night (with AAA discount) @
2 nights
Amount Requested Item 1: $472.00
Cost Breakdown Item 2: Travel YSU to University of Kentucky, 364 miles
( @ $0.47 per mile @ 2 cars
Amount Requested Item 2: $342.16

Total Request: $814.16

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED:  $250 towards cost of hotel.


Organization: YSU Extramural Sports Club
Total number of members: 30
Contact person: Benjamin Dooley
Phone: 330.719.3976
Advisor: Joy Polkabla Byers
Advisor Phone: 330.941.2242
Advisor Email:
Fundraising efforts: We have secured funding through volleyball
tournaments, but we can not start the fundraising process till after
our first tournament we must compete in.
Community Service: The club president, vice president, and several
other members are volunteers for The Heart Walk on Sept. 19, and many
club members have helped and worked at various other campus functions.
Also our club members have assisted in the running and supervising of
the Senior Olympics that are help here on Campus.
Event Name: 2009 Ohio State University NIRSA Flag Football Regional
Event Date: November 6, 2009 – November 8, 2009
Event Location: Ohio State University
Expected Participation: 27

Total Cost of event: $1940.00
Event Description: A NIRSA regional extramural flag football
tournament with a 1st place prize of a paid trip and entrance into the
NIRSA National extramural flag football tournament. Where schools from
all across the country send teams to participate and represent their
schools in these tournaments.
How event will benefit YSU: We will be representing and getting YSU
exposure to other schools. Also we will be giving the students that are
being sent the opportunity to network, and to have an experience that
otherwise is not made available to the outside of official colligate
athletics. Our teams that have been sent in the past have made
statements that this is something that they will never forget. And YSU
gave them that opportunity.
Cost Breakdown Item 1: Entry fee $250.00 per team X 2 teams
Amount Requested Item 1: $500.00
Cost Breakdown Item 2: Lodging for 27     $120.00 per night X 6 rooms
X 2 nights
Amount Requested Item 2: $1440.00

Total Request: $1940.00

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED:   $500 for registration fees.


Organization: Zeta Tau Alpha
Total number of members: 40
Contact person: Jill Jonda
Phone: 330-518-7377
Advisor: Joe Nuzzo
Advisor Phone: 330-941-3302
Advisor Email:
Fundraising efforts:     We have organized fundraisers with Buffalo
Wild Wings in Boardman.  We will be receiving 10% of the profit that
they make on September 19, October 17, and November 24 from all
customers who present our flier.  We have a partnership with Chik-fil-a
in Boardman and throughout the month of October they will give us a
percentage of the profit they make from each strawberry milkshake they
sell.  We will have members at each shift to pass them out to get the
optimum benefit.  We are setting up a table at the Boardman Rotary
Oktoberfest to promote our event in the community, and also to raise
money through donations.  We will also have a basket to raffle off,
which will hopefully be an object of interest.  On October 23rd, we
will be hosting “Pink Out Day” on campus to help promote breast cancer
awareness month, as well as our event.  We will be hosting a yogurt and
bagel eating competition, as 95.9-KISS FM will also be present,
capturing events of the day.  We will
Community Service:     Our chapter is very service-oriented and
participates in many local and national service projects each year to
support not only our philanthropy but others as well.  Below is a
description of some of these events and the participation of our
Clean up the Street:  Each semester our entire chapter devotes about
an hour of our time to maintain part of 5th Avenue, designated as our
part of the street.
YSU Box 1 Loge Volunteers:  During football season, our organization
has been asked to volunteer in President Sweet’s loge for each home
game.  Two different members of our chapter volunteer each game to
greet the guests, pass out nametags, and complete various tasks to keep
things running smoothly.
Adopt-a-Nursing Home:  This year we are starting something new with
our chapter.  We are Adopting-a Nursing Home, which is Park Vista
Retirement Community.  We will be doing an event with them each month,
starting in September.  On September 17, we will be hosting our 3rd
Annual “Senior Prom”.  During this event, we will be treating the
residents to an exciting night of dancing and socializing.  We will
decorate the dining room, supply cookies and punch, crown a prom king
and queen, and entertain each of the residents.  In October, we will be
carving pumpkins with the residents.  In November, we will be trimming
trees to get the residents excited for Christmas.  Finally, in
December, we will be decorating Christmas ornaments and hanging them on
the trees we put up during our prior visit.
Clothing Drive:  Recently, upon the return of school, we helped Omega
Psi Phi collect over 10 bags of clothes for their clothing drive.  We
plan to help with any other service projects throughout the year.
Race for the Cure:  Race for the Cure is a national fundraiser
sponsored in part by Zeta Tau Alpha and the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation.
Various races are held throughout the year all over the country.  Each
year, all of the sisters of the Zeta Gamma chapter drive to either
Cleveland in October or Pittsburgh in May to volunteer in the Survivor
and Registration Tents.  We also participate as runners or walkers in
the event.
THINK-PINK!®:  THINK-PINK!® is an idea that we promote various times
throughout the year by passing out THINK-PINK!® cards and ribbons,
shower cards, and other information regarding breast cancer awareness
and self-exams.  Typically, we set up a table in Kilcawley Center in
which all of our sisters take turns handing out this information.  We
have also passed out this information at a Scrappers game this past
summer, and will pass it out at the Oktoberfest.
Zeta Tau Alpha and Yoplait®’s Save Lids to Save Lives:  As a part of a
national service project, our chapter collects Yoplait yogurt lids
continuously throughout the year to send in to Yoplait, who donates
five cents per lid to the ZTA Foundation.

Event Name: The Pink Ribbon Cheer Classic
Event Date: 10-25-09
Event Location: Beeghly Center
Expected Participation: Total: 5600-6100 people

Total Cost of event:
Event Description: The Pink Ribbon Cheer Classic was started nine
years ago as a way for our organization to raise awareness and money
for breast cancer research, awareness, and education, which is our
National philanthropy.  It is a day-long exhibition in which more than
eighty-five cheerleading squads are invited to pay a registration fee
to perform a three to five minute routine and dedicate it to women who
have survived breast cancer or live on in their memory.  Squads are
awarded based on the following: team spirit, bringing the most
spectators to the event, and raising money for our cause in their
communities.  Individual cheerleaders may enter a jump-off competition
in which other prizes are awarded for the best cheerleading jumps.
Also included in the day are apparel sales, a concession stand, Chinese
raffles, and recognition of high school seniors and breast cancer
survivors.  Jerry Mac from 95.9 KISS-FM hosts the event and also does a
live broadcast part of the day.  One
How event will benefit YSU:  Not only is an event of this caliber
beneficial to those who have been affected by breast cancer, but it
also holds many benefits for its host school, Youngstown State
University.  Because we recruit cheerleading squads from all over Ohio,
Pennsylvania, West Virginia, the Midwest, and even Canada,  it gives
YSU excellent publicity to those who attend the event.  Those not
attending the event will still be reached through various local
television and radio shows.  Over half of our participants are high
school students, which gives them the opportunity to see a potential
college they may want to attend.  This alone makes it an excellent
recruitment tool for Youngstown State.  Anyone belonging to the
University community are invited and encouraged to attend this
remarkable event.
Cost Breakdown Item 1: Parking
Amount Requested Item 1: $500.00
Cost Breakdown Item 2: Security
Amount Requested Item 2: $900.00
Cost Breakdown Item 3: Beeghly rental fee
Amount Requested Item 3: $800.00

Total Request: $2,200.00

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED:  $1400 for parking and security.


Organization: UNA USA YSU

Number of Members: About 30

Contact Person: Ken Oyler

Contact Phone: 330-509-1817

Contact Email:

Advisor: Dr. David Porter

Advisor Phone: 330-941-1669

Advisor Email:

Fund Raising Efforts: Candy bars, T-shirts, high school conference, gift basket raffles, TGIFridays, other fund raising opportunities are in the process of being planned.

Community Service: Our organization prides itself on promoting global awareness through numerous different activities.  Our organization posts two on campus conferences a year, one for middle school student and one for high school students to debate global issues and the art of diplomacy.  Members of our org. go to the schools one day a week and teach the students the proper procedures for modeling the United Nations prior to the v=conferences. We also participate in the UNA-USA  Youngstown chapter.  Moreover, we have volunteered to run the United Nations booth in the international building at the Canfield Fair.  There we talked to members of the community about their feeling on the UN and answered any question that they had about the body and what it does.  To commemorate UN on October 24, 2008, we partnered with the YSU college democrats, YSU college Republicans, and the YSU chapter of Amnesty International to host a debate in Peaberry’s to discuss the critical importance of the UN and to have many different opinions represented.  It was open to all students and they were able to ask questions or submit comments.  We also are volunteering to assist the international students at YSU.  We will drive them places they need to go such as the airport, mall, etc.  because they cannot drive.  We scheduling a debate in Peaberry’s soon and we will also have an informational table in Kilcawley Center.

Event Name: Lake Erie International Model UN Conference

Date of Event: October 29-November 1, 2009

Location: Cleveland, OH

Expected Participation: 24 people

Description of Event:  Our organization will be simulating United Nations sessions with other universities.  We will be discussing global issues and the proper remedies for dealing with world dilemmas.  We will be promoting diplomacy while representing the positions of our assigned countries trough debates.  We will be working with other countries to produce draft papers and resolutions.

Benefit to YSU and Student Body:  Participating in Model UN helps members of our club become more well rounded educated members of the community.  We learn how to become leaders and interact with others to solve critical issues.  Our Model UN program is well known for coming home with awards and honors for YSU.  The conference is a great opportunity to make connections for later internships and jobs.  Also, we can take observations from this conference that can help us with our own on campus conferences.  Our membership is open to all students in good standing who wish to become more knowledgeable in foreign affairs.  Simulations are an excellent learning tool and a great resume builder.

Cost Break Down Item 1:  Hotel

Amount Item 1:  $1995.00 ($95 a night / 3 night / 7 rooms)

Cost Break Down Item 2: Registration

Amount Item 2:  $1850.00 ($50 school fee / $75 delegate fee / 24 people)

Cost Break Down Item 3:  Gas & Tolls

Amount Item 3:  $480 ( Approx. $75 for gas & $5 for Tolls / 6 vehicles)

Cost Break Down Item 4:  Parking

Amount Item 4:  $432 ( $18 a day / 4 days / 6 vehicles)

Total Amount: $4757.00

Total Amount Requested: $2,388.55

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED:  $800 towards registration.

Organization: Student Nonprofit Leadership Organization
Total number of members: 10
Contact person: Rayshon Harris
Phone: 3302618477
Advisor: Laura J McCaskey
Advisor Phone: 3309411870
Advisor Email:
Fundraising efforts:  At this time we are in the process of running
two major fund drives. The first is a raffle called the “Turkey Bowl”
it will run during the entire month of November. Starting October 1,
2009 members of the organization will be selling 1000 raffle tickets
for $5 each. The raffle runs off the Ohio lottery if the individual’s
number come out straight on the week day they win $50 if it comes out
on the weekend its $100. If will sell all 1000 tickets the payout is
$2000 giving me a profit of $3000. Last semester we ran this lottery
for half a month and raised $1200 for Help Hot line. This time we will
receive all funds.

The second fund drive is an online giving site called “Firstgiving”.
Each member has established their own personal page speaking about the
AMHI Conference and their individual desire to go and they put on their
page a request for financial help. We set a goal for each member to
have a goal of $500. We also know that some students will not meet this
so if they can just raise a minimum of $200 it will help. With this
site you send out blast through e mails of friends and family and they
donate with their credit card. The site is up and running and so far
there is $150 in the account. Will send out another blast during Each
of the next months. We will utilize all sources: family, friends,
business, MySpace, Facebook community, etc….

Community Service: We are working with Dr. Cynthia Anderson and the
United Way campaign here on campus. Two of our members are on the
steering committee. We have also partnered with Hand on Network her on
campus in the volunteer efforts here on campus. Most of our members are
also apart of the  Comm Coach organization who assist children in Akron
Hospital with cancer.
Event Name: American Humanics Management/ Leadership Workshop
Event Date: Jan 3-6, 20010
Event Location: Phoenix Arizona
Expected Participation: 8

Total Cost of event: 7600
Event Description: AHMI EXPO 2010 (Exhibit and meet over 900 AH
students and all 2010 Management/ Leadership Institute participants)

AMHI Placement Service Information (Schedule and interview diverse and
talented AH students and alumni for internships.

AMHI Career Counseling ( Volunteer to provide informational interviews
and resume reviews for AH students

Professional Development Workshop ( Professional development will be
provided for advanced practitioners and AH Alumni working in nonprofit

A CALL TO SERVE: Nonprofit Job 2010 ( An all day workshop on nonprofit
job designed for career service professionals and other career advisors
to better connect interested individuals to nonprofit sector.

How event will benefit YSU: In December 2001, under the leadership of Dr Sweet, President we signed an affiliation agreement with the American Humanics, Inc. This vision was to equip us with leadership skills and abilities. With this event we will be able to continue our relationship with the organization. We will also keep the bond with the other organizations here in the Valley that is associated with American Humanics like : Red Cross, Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Second Harvest, and so many more. Because attendance at one workshop is a requirement for the Certificate of Nonprofit Leadership
this will allow future students to gain the certificate.
Cost Breakdown Item 1: Hotel room (4) two students per room
Amount Requested Item 1: $  500
Cost Breakdown Item 2: Travel ( air fare, baggage, and shuttle )
Amount Requested Item 2: $4500
Cost Breakdown Item 3: Conference fee
Amount Requested Item 3: $2600

Total Request: 7600

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED:  $400 to defray cost of conference fee.

SB F 2009-03

Making appropriations for ten organizations.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Youngstown State University Student Government Association assembled, That the following sums are appropriated, out of any money in the Appropriations Fund not otherwise appropriated, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010, for the activities of student organizations, namely:

Section 1: Dance Club is appropriated the sum of $800 ($400 per semester) to cover partial cost of their event,

Section 2:  University Scholar Trustees is appropriated the sum of $545.64 to fully fund the cost of their event

Section 3: Western Reserve Battalion Society is appropriated the sum of $447 to cover the cost of the hotel.

Section 4: The Youngstown Ultimate Club is appropriated the sum of $500 ($125 to cover entry fee and $375 to defray cost of uniforms)

Section 5:  Alpha Lambda Delta is appropriated the sum of $200 to cover cost of registration and to defray the cost of airfare.

Section 6: Society of Women Engineers is appropriated the sum of $250 to defray the hotel cost.

Section 7:   YSU Extramural Sports Club is appropriated the sum of  $500 for registration fees.

Section 8:  Zeta Tau Alpha is appropriated the sum of $1400 to cover the cost of parking and security.

Section 9: UNA USA YSU is appropriated the sum of $800 towards registration fees.

Section 10:  Student Nonprofit Leadership Organization is appropriated the sum of $400 to defray the conference fee.