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Agenda for September 27, 2010

Order of Business

I.                   Call to Order

II.                Guest Speakers

a.       Mrs. Yulanda L. McCarty-Harris, Esq., Director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity.

b.      Dr. Adam Earnheardt, Faculty Advisor, Rookery Radio.

III.             Roll Call

IV.              Approval of the Minutes & Agenda

V.                 Executive Business

a.       Committee Chairs’ Reports

i.      Chair of Student Life Committee

ii.      Chair of Academic Affairs Committee

iii.      Chair of University Affairs Committee

iv.      Chair of Financial Appropriations Committee

VI.              Unfinished Business

VII.           New Business

a.       A Bill (SB F 2010-03) Appropriations

VIII.        Advisors’ and Members’ Remarks

IX.              Announcements

X.                 Gallery Remarks

XI.              Adjournment

Student Life Committee Report:

v  The Penguin Pre-Party on October 21st from 7-9PM will be sponsored by SGA.

v  The homecoming tailgate will be October 30th. The lot opens at 8AM, the parade is at 11AM and the game begins at 1PM. It is in the student organizations lot next to Taco Bell. Remember, this is a DRY tailgate! We need 6-10 people to work the tailgate every hour.

v  We need to decide if we are going to serve breakfast or lunch food at the tailgate. We would like the whole SGA body to vote on this at meeting.

List of Attendees:

Stephen Mesik, Executive Vice President

Alyssa DiBernardi, Chair for Academic Affairs

Diane Stahl

Jason Anderson

James Jarvis

Ryan Beil

Lilian Justice

Not present: Terrell Wesley

Guest Speakers: Julie Felix, President of Youngstown Academic Advising Association (YACADA); Cheryl Bosley, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Academic Advising; Sue Miller, Health and Human Services

1.    Academic Advising

Julie Felix, Cheryl Bosley, and Sue Miller were there to discuss many of their concerns with academic advising at the university

The idea of YSU 101 course was brought up again as this would solve many of the current problems:

i.      Late Registration

ii.      SOAR issues

iii.      Curriculum Sheets

iv.      DARS accessibility and readability

Dr. Anderson is actively working on the late registration issues which were discussed in the first Academic Senate meeting.

2.    Last Lecture Series

Dr. Khwajha  and Mike Florak, a former Communications professor, are being contacted to speak this semester

Dr. Fahey will be contacted in the spring to speak.

3.    Adjournment

University Affairs Committee Report

See separate report.

Financial Affairs Committee Report

See separate report.

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