Kilcawley Center, 1 University Plaza, Youngstown, OH 44505


Agenda for October 26, 2009

Order of Business

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Minutes & Agenda
  4. Executive Business
    1. President’s Report
    2. VP for Financial Affair’s Report
    3. Committee Chairs’ Reports
      1. i.      Chair of Student Life Committee
      2. ii.      Chair of Academic Affairs Committee
      3. iii.      Chair of University Affairs Committee
      4. iv.      Chair of Financial Appropriations Committee
  5. Unfinished Business
    1. Budget and Appropriations Restructuralization Committee
      1. i.      Proposal First Draft
    2. Presidential Climate Commitment Resolution (SR F 2009-03)
    3. Winter Break Retreat
  6. New Business
    1. A Bill (SB F 2009-05) Appropriations
  7. Advisors’ and Members’ Remarks
  8. Announcements
  9. Gallery Remarks
  10. Adjournment

President’s Report

Helping Hands Food Drive

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help out with the food drive. It is not too late to volunteer for some time slots if you are available. See me about this if you wish to do so.

Budget and Appropriations Restructuralization Committee

We will be meeting sometime this week hopefully, I will get you an email concerning the time, date, and location as soon as possible. Attached in the agenda is the first draft of what the Executive Committee has been working on for the proposal.

Winter Break Retreat

Ms. Gessler retrieved some information on Seven Springs Ski Resort for retreat. We will discuss the possibility of going there for a retreat, as well as the possibility of using some other facilities that were discussed in Executive Committee, such as the Great Wolfe Lodge, Kalahari Resort and other similar venues.


Homecoming is this weekend, guys and gals. Be sure to get to as many events as you can and wear your brand-spanking-new SGA shirts and hoodies. Don’t forget we will be having a “Meet the Reps Night” at BW3 this week and a tailgate prior to the homecoming game this weekend.

VP for Financial Affair’s Report


Student Life Committee Report


Marissa Cullen

Derek DeMaiolo

Daniel DeMaiolo

Elyse Gessler

Anthony Berdis


Emily Frank

Homecoming Tailgate

– T-Shirts Have Been Ordered they feature a gravestone with a RIP Jackrabbits on it

– Food has been ordered through dining services

– Staffing sheet will be passed out at general meeting

– Time frame will be from 1PM – 4PM when the game starts.

Dining Services/Transportation

– Will meet sometime next week to go over the survey that we will be sending out to students

– Plan on using the survey in hard copy and electronically to get a larger sample of students

– Ms. Cullen is setting up meetings with both Dining and Parking Services to let them know that we are surveying the students and inform them about our intentions in regards to increasing dining options on campus and creating a better transportation for our students.

Academic Affairs Committee Report

October 19, 2009

Start Time: 4:05pm

Absent: Margo Powlysyn, Jason Steffler.

  • Abbie discussed the status of YSU 101 and the First Year Experience Conference held at the University of Cincinnati.
    • Focused on the idea of YSU 101 as part of YSU’s General Education model and/or the proposed University College.
  • Continued discussion of the proposed student handbook.
    • Determined that better organization of topics is needed than in previous publications.
    • Agreed that the proposed handbook should include a calendar/planner, be printed, and made available to students for free.
    • Suggested that advertisements be sold and featured within the handbook to help defray costs.
    • Committee will continue to work on the handbook’s content and organization.

University Affairs Committee Report

I. Attendance-


A. Nicole Peterson-Chair

B. Jack Daughtery-VP of University Affairs

C. Charles Mankey- Vice Chair

D. Steve Mesik

E. Lindsay Lipp


  1. Miranda James
  2. Genna Notareschi
  3. Roy Johnson

II. Americans with Disabilities Initiative

  1. Each committee member will review a building to see if the building is meeting ADA standards.

III. Wick Pollock Clean-Up

  1. The committee is trying to set up a date in March or April for SGA to clean up gardens and graffiti.

IV. G-mail

  1. Jack and Steve are working on putting a write-up together.
  2. The committee will be inviting members of the university to a meeting to discuss how G-mail will work.

V.  Parking

A.  The committee will be discussing this issue further once an official demolition

date is known.


VI. Turning Technologies

  1. Tabitha proposed the idea of having audience response system in all


B.  The committee will find out which classrooms already use this system.

Financial Appropriations Committee Report

Absent: Brittany Sujka, Robert Sovesky


Organization: Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)
Total number of members: 31
Contact person: Carly Roberts
Phone: 330-881-0401
Advisor: Dr. Mark Cornman
Advisor Phone: 330-941-3749
Advisor Email:
Fundraising efforts: Since the organization was just started in
September, we have not had the chance for fundraising efforts yet but
have several in the works.  First, we will be having an event in late
November at Buffalo Wild Wings and invite professionals and students to
share a meal together and a percentage of the profits go to IMA.  Also,
we have in the works a sponsorship arrangement where we are going to
ask local businesses to donate different levels of funds to the
organizaion in exchange for speaking opportunites and advertisement at
our events.  We are also hoping to have a bake sale or an event at TGI
Friday’s to also raise additional funds.
Community Service: We have not yet participated in community service
but have an office designated to handling community service
opportunities exclusively.  Currently, we are planning on holding a
monthly group community service effort.  Possible activities include:
the Rescue Mission, Park Vista Retirement Center, the Big Reach Center
of Hope, and Second Harvest Food bank.  These events will either start
late October or early November.  The time and location is pending a
chapter vote on 10/13/09.
Event Name: IMA Student Leadership Conference
Event Date: 11/5/09 to 11/07/09
Event Location: St. Louis, MO
Expected Participation: 6 Members are expected to attend

Total Cost of event: $1848 in travel expenses
Event Description: The students will attend a yearly conference of
Institute of Management Accountant student organizations.  Leaders of
other student chapters as well as professionals will be attending the
conference.  The conference also connects students and their
organization with important professionals in the fiels to help further
job outlook and career and organization opportunities.  Students will
have the chance to learn about management accounting career
opportunities, the value of the Certified Management Accountant
certification, leadership, ethics, forensic accounting, and
professional etiquette.
How event will benefit YSU: Having the officers of the YSU Student
Chapter of IMA attend the annual leadership conference will give this
new organization the opporunity to learn how to be better leaders in
their field and as a student group.  The information and experience the
students get from this opportunity and bring back to campus will help
give other business and any other students more information about
possible career opportunites beyond traditional public accounting.
Also, the leadership knowledge gained from the conference will help
develop students’ leadership with new knowledge to improve other
important campus organizations.
Cost Breakdown Item 1: 6 Airfare tickets from Akron to St. Louis @
Amount Requested Item 1: 948.00
Cost Breakdown Item 2: 3 hotel rooms for 2 nights @ $150ea
Amount Requested Item 2: 900.00
Cost Breakdown Item 3:
Amount Requested Item 3:
Cost Breakdown Item 4:
Amount Requested Item 4:
Cost Breakdown Item 5:
Amount Requested Item 5:
Cost Breakdown Item 6:
Amount Requested Item 6:
Cost Breakdown Item 7:
Amount Requested Item 7:
Cost Breakdown Item 8:
Amount Requested Item 8:
Cost Breakdown Item 9:
Amount Requested Item 9:
Cost Breakdown Item 10:
Amount Requested Item 10:
Total Request: 1848.00

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED: $325.00 towards defraying the cost of lodging.




Organization: Early Childhood Student Association
Total number of members: 45
Contact person: Gina Leone
Phone: 330-506-3132
Advisor: Dr. Carol Hawkins
Advisor Phone: 330-941-1821
Advisor Email:
Fundraising efforts:   Recently, the Early Childhood Student
Association has sold candle, pretzels, carnations, finger play puppets,
and boxes of chocolate.  We also hold a bake sale during the spring and
fall semester.  Currently, we will be raffling off various fall baskets
during our October bake sale.  ECSA is also planning a car wash,
Handel’s fundraiser, an auction of educational related items to draw in
customers, and on campus event.
Community Service: The Early Childhood Student Association has
recently volunteered at Ursuline Mother House in Youngstown, Ohio.
Also, we have worked with people from Easter Seals as well as children
at the YMCA.  We donated money to various organizations such as the
Boys and Girls Club and the Beatitude House,   The organization will be
teaming up with the United Way to take on a project that will assist
children and their families by collecting hygiene products.  Currently,
we are collecting non perishable food items for the Second Harvest Food
Bank for Make a Difference Day.  There will also be five members of the
organization reading at Eagle Heights Academy.
Event Name: 2009 NAEYC Annual Conference Expo
Event Date: November 19-21
Event Location: Washington, D.C.
Expected Participation: 15

Total Cost of event: $5,935.87
Event Description: The National Association for the Education of Young
Children 2009 Annual Conference Expo will be held in Washington, D.C.
from November 17-21.  As early childhood education majors, we will
enjoy various sessions and be surrounded by over 20,000 professionals
in our field to help us further grow as we begin our career.  The
conference will have the U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, as
well as a session on helping families deal with stress during these
hard economic times.  Even though only fifteen girls from our
organization are attending the conference, we will have them share
their experience from the sessions and exhibits.
How event will benefit YSU: This conference will benefit Youngstown
State University because with the experience and knowledge ECSA members
learn in Washington, they will share their information with our
organization and fellow education students. Whether they hear about the
latest book or a new teaching strategy, the student body will benefit
from this trip.
Cost Breakdown Item 1: Hotel: Red Room Inn Downtown D.C.
Amount Requested Item 1: $199-Quad=$796
Cost Breakdown Item 2: Conference Fee
Amount Requested Item 2: $189 per person =$2,835
Cost Breakdown Item 3: Anderson Coach and Travel 29 Passenger
Amount Requested Item 3: $2304.87
Cost Breakdown Item 4:
Amount Requested Item 4:
Cost Breakdown Item 5:
Amount Requested Item 5:
Cost Breakdown Item 6:
Amount Requested Item 6:
Cost Breakdown Item 7:
Amount Requested Item 7:
Cost Breakdown Item 8:
Amount Requested Item 8:
Cost Breakdown Item 9:
Amount Requested Item 9:
Cost Breakdown Item 10:
Amount Requested Item 10:
Total Request: $5,935.87

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED: $400.00 towards defraying the cost of conference fees.


Organization: Dana Research Society
Total number of members: 8
Contact person: Margaret Jones
Phone: 412-726-0830
Advisor: Randall Goldberg
Advisor Phone: 330-941-1841
Advisor Email:
Fundraising efforts: We collected dues to cover the $35 per person
registration fee for membership with the American Musicological
Society, the largest music research organization in the United States,
and a model for our student organization.  We are also planning t-shirt
sales to help cover the extra costs of our upcoming travel.
Community Service: The Dana Research Society provides service to the
community through its outreach efforts, including student volunteer
participation in free concerts, invititing guest speakers, and
promoting music research and higher learning in the community.
Event Name: Student Travel to the National American Musicological
Society Conference
Event Date: November 12-15, 2009
Event Location: Philadelphia, PA
Expected Participation: 4

Total Cost of event: $1640.00
Event Description: Students who participate in this event will have
the opportunity to observe the research practices of professional
musicologists, as well as having the chance to interact with these
individuals in the context of a professional conference. The events
will include distribution of research findings and papers.
How event will benefit YSU: The Dana School of Music recently added
the degree program in Musicology to its bulletin.  Students in this
degree program will be offered the opportunity to interact and network
in a professional setting with their role models and mentors, in
additional to representing the newly created musicology program and YSU
as a prominent research institution.
Cost Breakdown Item 1: Housing (hotel)
Amount Requested Item 1: $750
Cost Breakdown Item 2: Registration fee for the conference (four
Amount Requested Item 2: $160
Cost Breakdown Item 3: Gas/mileage
Amount Requested Item 3: $150
Cost Breakdown Item 4: event  fees not included in the registration
Amount Requested Item 4: $180
Cost Breakdown Item 5: food
Amount Requested Item 5: $400
Cost Breakdown Item 6:
Amount Requested Item 6:
Cost Breakdown Item 7:
Amount Requested Item 7:
Cost Breakdown Item 8:
Amount Requested Item 8:
Cost Breakdown Item 9:
Amount Requested Item 9:
Cost Breakdown Item 10:
Amount Requested Item 10:
Total Request: $1640

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED: $160.00 to cover the registration fee and $180.00 for the event fees (a total of $340.00).


Organization Name: American Marketing Association (AMA)

Total Number of Members: 32

Contact Person: Laura Blakeman
Contact Phone Number: 330.980.6682
Contact Email:

Advisor: Dr. Peter Reday
Advisor’s Phone Number: 330.941.3078
Advisor’s Email:

What fundraising efforts has your organization recently put forth? What is being planned?: We have dispursed student planners campus wide to all students. ($750) We just put on a bake sale at the Austintown Wal-Mart. We have 3 marketing consulting projects going where we get compensated! Last summer a group of 5 students worked with Cafaro fir marketing consulting purposes and received about $1,200 from that. We have a dodge ball tournament fundraiser on Nov. 7th that we are expecting a good turn out for.

What community service has your organization participated in recently? What is being planned? Please be specific as to how many participate and if it is done on behalf of the organization.: Thus far, we have participated in the Annual Lawerence County Recycling Event in September. This month, we plan on holding a coat drive and donating the items to the Rescue Mission. Future projects events include volunteering at Angels for Animals, and serving dinner at the Rescue Mission

Name of Event: Annual American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference
Date of Event: April 8th-11th, 2010
Location: New Orleans, LA
Expected Participation: 12 people attending
Total Cost of Event: Guess Estimation of about $11,000

Description of Event: All the active collegiate AMA chapters from around the world compete, network and participate in fun marketing activities! There are nurmerous competitions that AMA is interested in competing. We build friendships with other chapters from around the world and maintain that contact well after the conference is over. During the weekend, we will attend team building sessions as well as in increasing our marketing knowledge through speakers throughout the event. One major benefit is that we have the opportunity to network with large corporations such as Smuckers, Walgreens, Vector Marketing, etc. This enables us to talk to recruiters and learn about jobs and internships with those companies.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body?: By attending this conference we can successfully build valuable contacts with business professionals and other marketing students from around the world. This will benefit the YSU student body and YSU because we will have gained more marketing knowledge which will make us a more valuable asset to assist with projects on campus that will better the student body’s well being!

Itemized Cost:

Description Amount Requested
Conference Registration Fees (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) $2,220
Travel (Plane) (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) $4,800
Hotel Expense (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) $3,000
Other Costs (Baggage, Dinner, etc) $600
Total $10,620

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED: $500.00 to reduce the cost of registration fees.


Organization Name: Greek Campus Life

Total Number of Members: 290

Contact Person: T.J. Cotterman
Contact Phone Number: 330 806 6388
Contact Email:

Advisor: Greg Gulas
Advisor’s Phone Number: x3580
Advisor’s Email:

What fundraising efforts has your organization recently put forth? What is being planned?: We are looking into different fund raising opportunities such as working at ci ci pizza and chick fil a. also, we are looking into selling greek week shirts to help fund our event. also, we are asking several businesses and establishments for items to raffle off and help us earn more money for st jude’s.

What community service has your organization participated in recently? What is being planned? Please be specific as to how many participate and if it is done on behalf of the organization.: Last year for our Up Til’ Dawn fundraiser for St. Jude’s children’s hospital we raised $16, 292. Zeta Tau Alpha, one of the sororities, raised over $80,000 last year for breast cancer awareness. We have been involved in several philanthropic events over the past year such as food drives, clothing drives, fundraisers for different organizations, along with other events that benefits others. We are currently asking for money for Up Til’ Dawn to continue our fundraiser.

Name of Event: Up Til’ Dawn
Date of Event: November 19, 2009
Location: Chestnut Room
Expected Participation: 500
Total Cost of Event: 1,500

Description of Event: Penguin Pre Party is going to be the host for our event. It is going to have 2 performers in which we will be writing letters to freinds, family and loved ones asking for donations to st jude’s. There will be prizes raffled off and given away as well as different activities occuring through the night.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body?: The student body will be able to partake in free food and beverages with a valid YSU ID. Also, they will be able to partake in free live music and have the ability to write letters as well as participate in activities throughout the night

Itemized Cost:

Description Amount Requested
Food $500
Total $500

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED: $500.00 to fully fund the event.


Organization Name: YSU OCMEA

Total Number of Members: 30

Contact Person: Justin Jones
Contact Phone Number: 304-639-1680
Contact Email:

Advisor: Dr. Michael Crist
Advisor’s Phone Number: 330-941-3636
Advisor’s Email:

What fundraising efforts has your organization recently put forth? What is being planned?: During the fall semester of 2008, OCMEA did one Sarris candy sale. Currently, OCMEA is doing a Daffin’s chocolate candy bar and pretzel sale and a Pizza Joe’s Pepperoni Roll sale which will take place from the end of October through November. We will also be hosting a spirit night at Handel’s. Spirit nights at other locations will be held in the Spring 2010 semester.

What community service has your organization participated in recently? What is being planned? Please be specific as to how many participate and if it is done on behalf of the organization.: OCMEA has reached into the community in various ways. Last spring, OCMEA members volunteered for local solo and ensemble events at in the area. Participation is planned for these events again for the Spring 2010 semester. Additionally, members of OCMEA will be volunteering the OMEA District V Conference that takes place at Stambaugh Auditorium in November 2009. Lastly, OCMEA plans on reaching out into the community by working with area schools doing small ensemble coaching and hosting an instrumental petting zoo program at the Youngstown Public Library. This program will be an outreach to the community to educate them on the various instruments. Current members will perform and provide an opportunity for the public to play the instruments.

Name of Event: Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic AND OMEA Conference
Date of Event: 12/14/09-12/19/09 AND 1/28/10-1/30/10
Location: Chicago, IL AND Cincinnati, OH
Expected Participation: 14 for Midwest AND 19 for OMEA
Total Cost of Event: $2841.12-Midwest AND $2266.50-OMEA

Description of Event: The Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic is a national level music conference that attracts educators and clinicians from across the United States and from around the world. This week long conference in Chicago will provide the members of YSU OCMEA with a broader insight into the world of music education throughout the United States, not just in Ohio. Students will attend clinics and concerts by nationally recognized educators and performers. This experience will further provide the members of YSU OCMEA with the issues and state of music education on a national level. The OMEA Professional Conference will be held at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, OH from January 28-30, 2009. Various exhibits, clinics, and performances fill these three days. OCMEA members will attend various workshops and clinics specific to the fields they plan on teaching. Exhibits from music stores to educational resources line the floor of the convention center for all OCMEA members to utilize. Various performances by high school, collegiate, and professional groups occur throughout each day of the conference. All clinics and performances are done by various educators, students, and professionals from across the state of Ohio.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body?: The Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic and the OMEA Professional Conference offer an abundance of opportunities and resources to all who attend. As future music educators, members of OCMEA are always looking for ways to further themselves. The Midwest Clinic and OMEA Professional Conference provide OCMEA members with the chance to do just that. The knowledge gained from attending the conference provides members of OCMEA with tools and techniques to use once they enter the field of education as professional teachers.

Itemized Cost:

Description Amount Requested
Midwest Clinic Housing $1861.12
OMEA Conference Housing $1696.50
Total $3557.62

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED: $500.00 for lodging at the Midwest Clinic and $500 for lodging at the Cincinnati Conference (a total of $1000.00).


Organization Name: Institute of Industrial Engineers (#859)

Total Number of Members: 15

Contact Person: Lee Hartman
Contact Phone Number: 330-692-2044
Contact Email:

Advisor: Dr. Martin Cala
Advisor’s Phone Number: 330-941-1746
Advisor’s Email:

What fundraising efforts has your organization recently put forth? What is being planned?: The chapter plans on doing a magazine fundraiser and Chick-Fil-A fundraiser for the month of October. November and December, and engineering/STEM T-Shirt sale. The chapter has also done a telethon in the spring of 2009. We will recieve money, based on our chapters status.

What community service has your organization participated in recently? What is being planned? Please be specific as to how many participate and if it is done on behalf of the organization.: The only community service that has been planned is a robotics competition. They want us to sponsor the event, which we will donate time for the cause. Also, helping with the homecoming STEM tent for the YSU football home game.

Name of Event: Institue of Industrial Engineers: Regional Conference 2010
Date of Event: Feb. 19-21, 2010
Location: West Lafayette, IN
Expected Participation: All members of Youngstown State University IIE Chapter
Total Cost of Event: 2,300

Description of Event: The IIE regional Conference is at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. Universities from around our region come together to discuss issue of industrial engineering. We will be listening to guest speakers, participate in the paper/ simulation competition. This will help students understand the value of industrial engineering field as members. The senior members will be attending a job fair and network with area companies. This is a great experience with the freshmen and sophomore that are trying to understand their chosen field.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body?: This will help the undecided engineering students experience the field of industrial and systems engineering. The trip will provide detailed experience and information to current IIE members, networking opportunities among companies and other universities, tours of area facilities, and potential jobs for graduating industrial engineering students.

Itemized Cost:

Description Amount Requested
Hotel (2-Nights, 3 or 4 rooms) $1,300.00
IIE Event Registration $1,000.00
Total $2,300.00


AMOUNT RECOMMENDED: $500 towards defraying the cost of registration.

SB F 2009-05

Making appropriations for seven organizations.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Youngstown State University Student Government Association assembled, That the following sums are appropriated, out of any money in the Appropriations Fund not otherwise appropriated, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010, for the activities of student organizations, namely:

Section 1: Institute of Management Accountants is appropriated the sum of $325.00 to defray the cost of lodging,

Section 2:  Early Childhood Student Association is appropriated the sum of $400.00 to defray the cost of conference fees,

Section 3: Dana Research Society is appropriated the sum of $340.00 ($160.00  to finance the registration fee and $180.00 to finance event fees),

Section 4: American Marketing Association is appropriated the sum of $500.00 to defray the cost of registration fees,

Section 5: Greek Campus Life is appropriated the sum of $500.00 to fully fund their event,

Section 6:  YSU OCMEA is appropriated the sum of $1000.00 ($500.00 to defray the cost of lodging at the Midwest Conference and $500.00 to defray the cost of lodging at the Cincinnati Conference),

Section 7: Institute of Industrial Engineers is appropriated the sum of $500.00 to defray the cost of registration.