Kilcawley Center, 1 University Plaza, Youngstown, OH 44505


Agenda for November 7, 2011

Order of Business

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Minutes & Agenda
  4. Executive Business
    1. President’s Report
    2. Executive Vice President’s Report
    3. Vice President for Financial Affairs’ Report
    4. Committee Chairs Report
  1.                                                               i.      Chair of Student Life Committee
  2.                                                             ii.      Chair of Academic Affairs Committee
  3.                                                           iii.      Chair of University Affairs Committee
  4.                                                           iv.      Chair of Financial Appropriations Committee
  1. Unfinished Business
  2. New Business
    1. A Bill (SB F 2011-7) Appropriations
  3. Gallery Remarks
  4. Advisors’ Remarks
  5. Members’ Remarks
  6. Announcements
  7. Adjournment

President’s Report: Will be given orally at the Legislative Meeting


Executive Vice President’s Report: Will be given orally at the Legislative Meeting


VP For Financial Affairs Report:





Student Government Association

Student Life Committee Meeting


  1. Call to order at 4:02 PM
  2. Attendance
    1. All in attendance
    2. Thank you to everyone who came to the Homecoming Game Tailgate!
    3. United Way Awareness Week
      1. Monday – Karaoke Night – ZTA 6-8pm in the Hub, working on finding a DJ for under $75, ask for a $1 or 1 perishable food item per song. Need to get security approved.
      2. Tuesday – SGA Day, Thinking about doing a table to collect perishable food items, toys, hats and gloves, etc.  Found people in our committee to work the event.
      3. Wednesday – Game Day – Housing – 11am-1pm in the Hub
        1. They will be taking care of food, give away prizes. SGA plans on donating give away prizes.  Looking for board games.  Asking for perishable items, but not required to play.
      4. Thursday – Call of Duty Competition – SAE – 11am-2pm in the Hub.  SAE is taking care of event; the new COD game will be played. Asking for food donations, but not required to play.
      5. Friday – Criminal Justice and Forensic will be holding
    4. Foursquare
      1. Decided to not involve our time, thought it was too much of a project to take up.
    5. Adjournment at 4:12 PM.









YSU Student Government Association

Academic Affairs Committee

Minutes of 10.31.2011 Meeting

I.  Call to Order:  4:01 pm


II. Roll Call

a. Present:  Justin McIntyre, Nicole Pavlichich, Teresa McKinney, Mark Sember, Molly Rogers, Lillian Justice, Sarah Scheidemantel, Kaitlyn Kridler, Alessandro Cutrona, Kevin Hulick

b. Absent:  none

c. Excused:  none


III. Starfish Program

Starfish Early Alert is an early warning and student tracking system that would allow faculty to identify at-risk students before they withdraw.  This would allow faculty to know which students need help, immediately communicate concerns throughout campus, and know what’s working and what isn’t.


IV. Last Lecture Series Update

Last Lecture will be November 30 at 3:30 pm in the Ohio Room.  Music will be incorporated into the lecture.


V. FOE Phonathon

We may create a reserve fund in which people who donate during phonathons have the option to donate to an FOE fund.


VI. Library Subcommittee

Ohio Link is charging more for fewer articles; therefore, Maag is trying to cut costs and decrease the amount of journals bought.


VII. New Business – none

  1. Adjournment: 4:45 pm


University Affairs Committee


Call to order: 4:00


Role Call:

Travis Battiest

Zachary White

Stephen Mesik

Brianna Wise

Melania Vlad

Alexys Shields

Justin Hasseininejad

Sarah Perrine

Rebecca Banks

Pat Gessler



Kendal Malsch



VP for University Affairs: Addressed in unfinished business.

Chair of University Affairs: None at this time

Secretary of Technology: None at this time


Unfinished Business:


YSU Cue-mail/announcement: 4:04 P.M.


There continues to be on going communication between Travis and Robert Tupaj. The YSU administration had a meeting, and is looking into ideas to limit the number of emails sent to students to official YSU Emails, such as facilities and administration information. They are looking to implement an events calendar, along with university news. Rather than emails, universities such as Oklahoma University, lists campus events on the website, rather than informing students through email. Also, they are interested in setting up a mobile events calendar that would be visible via smart phone. The administration is going to devise a plan of action and get back to us.


Advising: 4:20 P.M.


The UAC is going to back off of the academic advising issue until they are done advising for the spring 2012 semester. This is because they have a lot on their plates currently. This process will begin once the academic advising slows down again.


New Business: 4:25 P.M.


None at this time.


Adjourn: 4:27 P.M.


Financial Affairs Committee Report

October 31st, 2011 at 4:00pm

Absent: Jerod Everly, unexcused & Ryan Meditz, unexcused



Submitted form for Financial Appropriations:

Organization Name: YSU Philosophy and Religious Studies Club

Total Number of Members: 30

Contact Person: Zac Robbins?Contact Phone Number: 330-540-2304?Contact Email: zjrobbins@student.ysu.ed

Advisor: Debroah Mower?Advisor’s Phone Number: 330-941-3449?Advisor’s Email:

What fundraising efforts has your organization recently put forth? What is being planned?: We had a keynote speaker with hors d’oeuvre and a wine tasting last fall. We are planning the same event for December 2nd.

What community service has your organization participated in recently? What is being planned? Please be specific as to how many participate and if it is done on behalf of the organization.: Our events are academic in nature. We try to pick topics that raise awareness of problematic social issues. Our Earth Day event last year is where the lion’s share of our funds went. We were able to screen the excellent documentary Gas Land at YSU followed by a discussion panel at the Lemon Grove. The discussion panel featured experts on the topic and was well attended as were the film screenings.

Name of Event: YSU Philosophy & Religious Studies Club Fall Fundraiser?Date of Event: Friday, December 2nd, 2011?Location: The Unitarian Church?Expected Participation: 50-70?Total Cost of Event: $1,300

Description of Event: This event will consist of a wine tasting and hors d’oeuvres. We will have a keynote speech.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body?: This event is not only a fantastic opportunity for students to have a very enchanting and educational evening, but it fuels all our other events. Our eat, drink, and think events are able to provide food for students due the money raised in this event. These funds also allow us to bring in speakers and provide film screenings of our current and relevant nature. I will list the total cost of the event below.

Itemized Cost:

Description Amount Requested
Food $700
Venue $200
Wine $400
Misc. Supplies $100
  Total $1.300

Amount Recommended:  $200.00 to fully cover the venue cost.


SB F 2011-07

November 7, 2011

A Bill

Making Appropriations for one organization(s)

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Youngstown State University Student Government Association assembled, That the following sums are appropriated, out of any money in the Appropriations Fund not otherwise appropriated, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012, for the activities of student organizations, namely:

Section 1: YSU Philosophy and Religious Studies Club is appropriated the sum of $200.00 to defray the venue cost for their Fundraiser Event on December 2nd, 2011 at the Unitarian Church in Youngstown. Seventy (70) people are expected to attend.

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