Kilcawley Center, 1 University Plaza, Youngstown, OH 44505


Agenda for March 18, 2013

Order of Business

  1.       I.         Call to Order
  2.     II.         Guest Speaker – Daniel J. Procopio, Associate Director, Student One Stop
  3.   III.         Roll Call
  4.   IV.         Approval of the Minutes & Agenda
  5.     V.         Executive Business
    1. President’s Report
    2. Executive Vice President’s Report
    3. Vice President for Financial Affairs’ Report
    4. Committee Chairs Report
      1.                                                i.     Chair of Student Life Committee
      2.                                              ii.     Chair of Academic Affairs Committee
      3.                                             iii.     Chair of University Affairs Committee
      4.                                             iv.     Chair of Financial Appropriations Committee
  6.   VI.         Unfinished Business
  7. New Business
    1. SB F 2013-3
  8. Gallery Remarks
  9.  IX.         Advisors’ Remarks
  10.    X.         Members’ Remarks
  11.  XI.         Announcements
  12. Adjournment 


SR F 2013-03

 Okular, Vrabel, Carney


Resolution to Formally Thank the Members of the Executive Cabinet for the Augmentation of the Appropriations Budget of the Youngstown State University Student Government Association


WHEREAS, the Student Government Association is the sole, legitimate, organized representation of the student body at Youngstown State University; and

WHEREAS, the Student Government Association appropriations budget is insufficiently funded, and therefore, results in the failure of the Student Government Association to fully tend to the needs of its constituents, YSU students; and

WHEREAS, the university budget is heavily strained with the current state of the university; and

WHEREAS, increased funding to student organizations will benefit students and the university as a whole; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Youngstown State University Student Government Association thanks the members of the Executive Cabinet for their decision to increase the appropriations budget of Student Government and allow the possibility for further augmentation; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the attached letter is presented to the Vice President of Student Affairs, Mr. Jack Fahey, for distribution to the Executive Cabinet.


Dear Members of the Executive Cabinet,

The Student Government Association would like to express its thanks to the cabinet for approving the augmentation of its appropriations budget for the 2013-2014 Fiscal Year. We understand the state of the universities finances, funding is stretched thin, and thank you for acknowledging the immense need of student groups. We believe that many students will benefit from your decision in the form of more events on campus and more successful off-campus conferences and trips. The university as a result will benefit. As a group we commend your openness to considering future increases in our budget, as student organizations still have an immense need. We hope that if circumstances were to improve and funding become more easily available before the end of the next fiscal year that the cabinet would consider additional funding for Student Government’s appropriations. In the meantime we will work to explore additional methods to improve our funding process to further enhance the effectiveness of groups and minimize the difficulties facing them. Thank you again for helping student groups in trying financial times.



The Student Government Association of YSU


Presidents Report:


  • 15k increase!
  • Not nearly as much as requested
  • Executive Cabinet cited low supply of funds and that our budget is being increased nearly 50% by this measure as where other departments are being decreased
  • Door open to funding increase next year but not definite
  • Thank you letter is attached which we will discuss then send to the cabinet


Tim Ryan Meditation Session

  • Jordan Uhl from the Jambar is interested in bringing in Representative Tim Ryan for a mediation session near the end of the semester
  • It would allow him to publicize his new book relating the benefits of mediation for academic success
  • Location TBD, but most likely Chestnut or Rec Group X Studio based on estimated turnout
  • SGA will help promote and sponsor the event


SOAR Tables this week

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday all need people
  • Sign-up sheet will be passed around in meeting


Student Success

  • Final meeting the week after spring break
  • Meeting is just to ok the formatting and prepare for presentation to the board


Youngstown Development

  • Scott Smith and I keep playing phone tag and we will hopefully have a meeting set up in the next week


New Student Trustee Application

  • Available for pick up in SGA Office
  • Must be at least a sophomore
  • 2 year commitment



  • Spoke with Oohlala
  • New feature that allows you to upload your course schedule, share it with
  • They Building many more aspects into it such as the ability to put in when you’re at work, when assignments are due, etc.
  • Any interest in doing a campus Treasure hunt again this semester?
  • The Photo Contest has now started
    • Showyour school spirit and get your shot at the highly coveted OOHLALA mystery prize!
    • 1- Download OOHLALA at:
    • 2- Open the trophy tab
    • 3- Upload your photo
    • 4- Invite friends to “like” your photo!


Executive Vice Presidents Report: 


–       Thank you to all who completed the survey. Nikki will have a further update.


–       I hope you all got the email notifying of one this Wed. As of right now while I am typing this it is undecided possibly Moser  or Cushwa. I am awaiting a reply email from staff offices.

4 Year Guarantee

–       Great progress has  been made, we are currently in the drafting stages of a formal proposal and will have it together by next committee meeting to discuss its viability and the next steps.

Academic Senate

–       The Classroom Technology Proposal received a positive response from the members of academic senate.  One great suggestion which we may run with is a university policy which requires faculty to outline the acceptable technology for use in the classroom. Much like the grading policy, accreditation standards, and disability policy must be listed. This gives students the knowledge of what clearly can/can’t be used as well as allowing the instructor to set clear guidelines.

Another noteworthy topic, a heavily debated topic in both the academic senate general body and executive subcommittee was the lack of parity in the composition of the presidential search committee.  I also believe an editorial letter in the Jambar mentioned a similar grievance.


Vice President for Financial Affairs:



Student Life Meeting Minutes 03-04-2013

Caroline called the meeting to order at 4:01 PM

Caroline took role

Excused Absences: Elyse

Unexcused Absences: None

–        Elyse is at a job interview! She left us notes regarding what to discuss at our meeting today

–        Marissa Mraz from University Affairs committee spoke to our committee about the Austintown Fitch YSU promotion visit over our Spring Break

  1. I.               Old Business
    1. a.     Meet the Reps Reviews and Evaluations

Suggested improvements and positive comments were read aloud to our committee and we discussed reoccurring themes, looking to build ideas off of these in the future

  1. b.     Finalizations of activities for SGA Retreat

“All My Penguins Move Your Feet” (used last year)

M&M question game (used last year)

Yarn game/Human knot (Katherine suggested)

“Lava” game à Involves silent team bonding skills (Katherine suggested)

Putting YSU themed pictures together game (Cassie suggested)

  1. c.     Meet the Reps Speaker

Have yet to hear back from Tim Ryan, Taylor Phillips will look further into contacting him

Other possible speaker suggestions: Carrie Anderson, Amy Cossentino, William Binning

  1. II.              New Business
    1. a.     SGA Elections Flyer

Committee members will be emailed once Caroline confirms details with Elyse


Caroline adjourned the meeting at 4:30 PM


YSU Student Government Association

Academic Affairs Committee

Minutes of 3.4.2012 Meeting


I.  Call to Order:  4:02 pm


II. Roll Call

a. Present:  Justen Vrabel, Nicole Pavlichich, Chelsea Baker, Kaitlyn Kridler, Caleb Tatebe, Ashley Bowers, Sarah Scheidemantel, Jordan Edgell, Teresa McKinney

b. Absent: Cary Dabney

c. Excused:  Andrew McClusky, Kendal Malsch


III. Last Lecture Series

The surveys for Last Lecture Series have been sent out to the body via email and will be closed on March 18 at 3:00 pm.  We understand there were some issues opening the survey but we resent the link and, if that doesn’t work, copying and pasting the link into your browser does.


V. Four Year Plan

A very small percentage of YSU students graduate in 4 years.  Dr. Buckler from Academic Advising will speak to out committee at our next meeting about this topic.  See the attached sheet for more information.


VI. Adjournment:  4:49 pm

Academic Affairs Proposal – Four Year Curriculum Plan/ Four Year Guarantee

What percentage of YSU Students Graduate in Four Years

–       (2004) Number 13.3% 2005 Number 11.8%

–       IPEDS Graduation Rates Surveys (2010)

Average grad rate from 6.28 years

Which programs have a four year curriculum plan?

STEM, restricted programs

Benefits Selling Points for these topics.

–       Advertising

–       Increased Enrollment

–       graduation/retention rates leading to increased state funding

–       Minimal Cost for implementation

Further Suggestions

–       Students are not required to join the plan.

–       Under this plan students are

Able to register earlier.

Compensated with comparable classes or monetarily if contract is completed on the students behalf.

–       Strongly advocate a year by year curriculum department sheet. (Example provides)

–       Curriculum Sheets greatly benefit students who change majors with in the university

–       One common website with all the curriculum sheets

Benefits CSP Advising

SGA University Affairs Minutes 3/04/2013



Sarah Perrine called the meeting to order at 4:00pm.

All members were present.

  1. Unfinished business:

A)   Visiting Local High Schools

  • Reviewed last weeks schools (very successful!)
  • Worked out the kinks with new schools
  • Fitch: March 14 @ 9:30-2:45
  • Mineral Ridge: April 18 @ 12:45
  • Struthers: May 17 @ 8:00-3:00
  • A few more schools to come.
  • Transportation: Carpool or YSU car depending on the amount of people going.
  • Working on power point/ survey
  • All members of SGA are encouraged to get involved


Meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:45pm


Financial Appropriations

MINUTES for meeting on March 4, 2013
Absent Mario
Meeting started at 4:02 PM

  • Jack met with the board and Student Government is now guaranteed an extra $15,000 next year
  • Each organization will be allowed 7% of total budget
  • We are thinking about changing a few things for next year
    • We understand more people are asking for fund
    • We want to be stricter on the rules to get funding
    • organizations should start applying for funds 6 weeks in advance
      • keep it at 4 weeks but they have to attend a committee meeting that is four weeks in advance of our committee meeting
    • Start encouraging the organizations to come to the body meetings to talk about their events
    • at the beginning of each semester put flyers in students activities mail box
    • having the chair also email list of things to expect to be asked during the meeting
    • having discussion time at the beginning of the financial affairs meeting
    • get more opinions from the SGA body about the recommended amount we give to organizations


The rest of this semester we will work on:

  • Sending a survey out to organizations we funded money to this semester to receive feedback
  • location for march 25th meeting
    • coyocan, Tokyo house, intercircle, mvr, café
    • Tokyo house– second choice inner circle
    • Final decision- Inner Circle.

Meeting ended at 4:52 PM