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Agenda for January 28, 2013

Order of Business
I.    Call to Order
II.    Roll Call
III.    Approval of the Minutes & Agenda
IV.    Executive Business
a.    President’s Report
b.    Vice President for Financial Affairs’ Report
c.    Committee Chairs Report
i.    Chair of Student Life Committee
ii.    Chair of Academic Affairs Committee
iii.    Chair of University Affairs Committee
iv.    Chair of Financial Appropriations Committee
V.    Unfinished Business
VI.    New Business
a.    SB F 2013-7
VII.    Gallery Remarks
VIII.    Advisors’ Remarks
IX.    Members’ Remarks
X.    Announcements
XI.    Adjournment

President’s Report

Welcome New Members
•    Jordan Edgell H&HS – Finance
•    Stephanie Davis BCOE
•    Mark Thornhill STEM- Acedemic Affairs

•    RHA was unable to get Redbox to agree to have one on campus
•    CVS sidewalk is 4inches short of being acceptable for RedBox
•    RHA looking into a Net Flix-like program for colleges

•    Met with CLASS to understand their student travel policies
o    Committee headed by associate dean makes decisions on student funding
o    862.50 max for student presenting
o    575 max for a student not presenting at a conference
o    Money from college fees
•    Met with STEM to understand their student travel policies
o    Dean Abraham determines funding amount and uses college fees
o    Faculty ask on behalf of student
•    Contacted Graduate Studies about their policy
o    Students may receive up to $300 toward expenses from the graduate school.  If the expenses documented in the application are greater than $300 it is automatically forwarded the application to the Provost’s Office for possible additional funding from the Provost’s Use Fund
•    Contacted Dean Depoy about F&PA’s policy
o    No money set aside but department chairs can apply to have some of their department funding used for students
•    Contacted Dean Licata about WCBA’s policy
o    No designated money
o    Dean Licaata and chair decide on amount
o    Use annual fund dollars or Williamson Endowment (restricted funds)
o    Ask students to go through provost then supplement
•    Provost
o    Student USE fund
o    This fund is used for “last dollar” funding. A student is supposed to seek funding at the department or college first before submitting a request for Student USE funds.
o    A graduate student must request funding from the Graduate School before submitting a request for Student USE funds. The amount per request is capped at $300. Normally, the money is used to support students presenting at conferences. But the fund is also used to support travel for
o    Attendance at conferences can be funded if there is a very good reason, but the amount given will be less than $300 usually $100
o    a number of faculty and chairs are not aware of this financial support
•    BCOE
o    Students who are working on a project or engaged in an activity with a faculty member are considered for travel funding on the recommendation of the faculty member.
o    No set amount and recommendations are considered on a case-by-case basis, based on (a) alignment with college mission, (b) contribution to the growth of the participating student, (c) contribution to the college, (d) contribution to the education profession.
•    H&HS
o    No response
•    Jack Fahey
o    Contacted Mr. Fahey about way to progress from here
•    Meeting with Dr. Bosso at 5pm
o    He is willing to give some suggestions on how to reach out to students and the Board of Trustees

Elections Board
•    In the next few weeks we will need to form an elections board to facilitate the SGA elections in April, we will send out a myYSU personal announcement
•    If you know anyone who would be good on the elections board please let me know

Vice President for Financial Affairs:

SB F 2013-7
January 28, 2013
A Bill
Making Appropriations for one organization(s)
Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Youngstown State University Student Government Association assembled, That the following sums are appropriated, out of any money in the Appropriations Fund not otherwise appropriated, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013, for the activities of student organizations, namely:

Section 1: Men’s Club Volleyball is appropriated the sum of $100.00 to cover the cost of a volleyball official and league entry fee for Home Tri-Way Meet vs. Ashland and Kent which will be on February 3rd, 2013. This event will be held at Youngstown State University. The whole team is expected to attend.

Submitted form for Financial Appropriations:
Organization Name: Men’s Club Volleyball
Total Number of Members: 8
Contact Person: Kevin Johnson
Contact Phone Number: 330-720-4774
Contact Email:
Advisor: Amy Cossentino
Advisor’s Phone Number: 330-719-3383
Advisor’s Email:
What fundraising efforts has your organization recently put forth? What is being planned?: Raised money to buy jerseys for our team, and possible volleyball tournaments in the future may be planned.
What community service has your organization participated in recently? What is being planned? Please be specific as to how many participate and if it is done on behalf of the organization.: We have not done any community service as an overall organization, but many of us participate in community service individually. I participate at the food pantry at my church, rang the bell for the salvation army, and participate in Shantytown. Bobby Cameron also volunteered for the Salvation Army and for his church.
Name of Event: Home Tri-Way Meet vs. Ashland and Kent
Date of Event: February 3, 2013
Location: YSU
Expected Participation: Full Team
Total Cost of Event: $100
Description of Event: We will be hosting a home match against Kent and Ashland. We will play one Ashland, the Kent will play Ashland, and we will finish with a match against Kent.
How will this event benefit YSU and the student body?: We will have a competitive volleyball match at home that will be open for students to spectate. It provides students the ability to watch a high level of volleyball. Plus, it promotes YSU to Kent State and Ashland as they will be visiting our campus.
Itemized Cost:
Description    Amount Requested
Volleyball Official    $50
League Entry Fee    $50

Total $100


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