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Agenda for January 24, 2011

Order of Business

I.                   Call to Order

II.               Guest Speaker

a.      Julie Felix—Academic Advisor, CLASS

b.     Mrs. Judith Gains—Executive Director, Student Life

III.            Roll Call

IV.            Approval of the Minutes & Agenda

V.                Executive Business

a.      President’s Report

b.     Executive Vice President’s Report

c.      Vice President for Financial Affairs’ Report

d.     Committee Chairs’ Reports

i.      Chair of Student Life Committee

ii.      Chair of Academic Affairs Committee

iii.      Chair of University Affairs Committee

iv.      Chair of Financial Appropriations Committee

VI.            Unfinished Business

VII.         New Business

VIII.     Gallery Remarks

IX.            Advisors’ Remarks

X.                Members’ Remarks

XI.            Announcements

XII.         Adjournment

President’s Report:

Vice Chair position

The Vice Chair will assist the Chair in any duties during the meeting as appropriate, taking care of tasks such as guest sign-in, computer assistance, or anything else that the Chair might benefit from.  The Vice Chair will also coordinate with the Chair to fill in during any absences by the Chair (should that become necessary) and will otherwise be included in any committee-specific business as needed.  The Vice Chair position will be discussed further during Legislative Assembly.

Executive Vice President’s Report:

Mr. Mesik will give an oral report at Legislative Assembly.

Vice President for Financial Affairs’ Report:

Student Life Committee Report:

I.                   Roll Call

a.      Carissa Benchwick

b.     Aseel Ramahi

c.      Travis Battiest

d.     Taylor Clark

e.      Patrick Gessler

f.       Alexandria Hatosky (absent)

g.      Celeste Popio

h.     Jessica Sarich

i.        Levant Miller

j.        Elyse Gessler

II.               Extended Library Hours

a.      All the food is being donated.

b.     They will be on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10PM-12AM in the lobby area.

III.            Formal

a.      Elyse contacted 3 caterers for formal food and A La Carte gave us the best price at $18.43/person.

i.      The menu will be – pasta marinara, chicken francaise, roast beef, mashed redskins with garlic, chives and sour cream, green beans with garlic, chef tossed salad, tomato, pepper and onion salad, and applesauce. Comes with relish tray.

b.     Elyse will be ordering the food and reserving the stadium club as soon as Nick gives her the okay.

IV.            Intramural

a.      Carissa and Patrick are in charge of this committee.

b.     It will be some time in February.

V.                Welcome Back Week Meet the Reps

a.      Aseel is contacting the bookstore to see if they will give us 20% coupons to attach to the surveys.

b.     200-300 surveys is our goal to pass out.

c.      We need to figure out a way to get the commuters involved.

Academic Affairs Committee:

List of Committee Members in Attendance: Steve Mesik, Alyssa DiBernardi, Kelli Bryan, Diane Stahl, Lilian Justice, James Jarvis, Steve Anderson, Ryan Beil, Terrell Wesley

Guests: Dr. Porter, Jack Fahey, Brianna Benson and Sarah Lowry, Academic Senate (General Education Committee)

Call to order: 4:01

1.      First Year Experience Coordination Meeting

a.      The goal for this committee is to continue work to on an FYE proposal during the spring semester but in order to do so we need support and guidance to continue.

2.      Initial thoughts about FYE from guests:

a.      Jack Fahey and Dr. Porter both discussed their initial thoughts about a FYE program. Both of them believed that it would benefit students however; they had a long list of issues they saw with the idea that needed to be addressed first.

b.      The committee needs to more clearly identify what their goals are for the program in order to move forward. There were so many ideas discussed throughout the semester that need to be organized.

3.      The following questions were asked throughout the meeting to guide the discussion:

a.      Where will/should the program be placed and where will the money come from?

i.      Jack Fahey suggests sending it to the CSP or CLASS,

ii.    The only place funding will come from for a course like this would be the students. This could cause complaints among the student body and an uncooperative atmosphere about FYE.

b.      Who should teach the course?

i.      Concerns were raised that it may turn into another ENGL 1550 or 1551 where part time faculty and graduate assistants teach it. In this case, the instructors may not invest as much time into the course as originally intended defeating the purpose of its creation. However again, the main problem is finding the funding.

c.       How to proceed?

i.      Tougher admission policy that is currently being looked at, crystal clear picture of what FYE should accomplish and where we are willing to bend.

ii.      Jack Fahey suggests students try to get on strategic plan committee which will be released in December.

iii.      Question asked to Dr. Porter: Should we bring it to General Education?
He stated that General Education is a natural home for FYE but it would be difficult to convince committee. Main goal of General Education is currently to move forward assessment. This is direct request from the Provost Office because of criticism from the Higher Learning Commission. He suggests creating a draft of a curriculum and survey student body to see their reaction.

Adjournment: 5:18

University Affairs Committee Report:

4:05 p.m. – 4:50 p.m.

Committee members present/absent


1)     Gary Davenport VP of University Affairs

2)     Anthony Nuzzi Chair of University Affairs

3)     Troy Adamson

4)     Jenna Hallapy

5)     Lindsay Lipp

6)     Kelly Mehalco

7)     Melania Vlad


1)     Lashanda Richardson

2)     Jenna Hallapy


1)     Deandre Redcliff

2)     Elyse Gessler

3)     Jessica Serach from Up Till Dawn

Issues Discussed

1)     Accessibility & Disability

2)     Smoke-Free Environment

3)     Venders

4)     Other Business


Roll Call (4:05 – 4:06)

Accessibility & Disability (4:06 – 4:19)

1)     Discussed any locations that needed fixing for students at the meeting held on 11/17/10

a.      At the meeting students had the ability to let out there frustration and concerns at YSU

b.     Faculty members were present to give answers and opinions of their own.

c.      Locations to fix sidewalks for students with wheelchairs were told to the committee member.

Smoke-Free Environment (4:06 – 4:19)

1)     Determine how to give students a better understanding where the smoking sections are.

2)     Determine where locations can be put to help students, this was also talked about at the committee meeting

3)     Better signs and directions

4)     YSU officials, that were present, were very unsure what to do with the problem

a)     One point was to create a smoke free campus

Venders (4:19 – 4:22)

1)     AFI food systems would not return multiple calls and told University Affairs that they would get back with us about the coffee sleeves.

Other Business/New Business (4:22 – 4:50)

1)     Up Till Dawn

a.      Guest speaker spoke

i.      Talked about a function that would bring issues like green technology and better knowledge to keep a greener environment

b.     Ideas to bring people in are:

i.      Raffles

ii.      Free food

iii.      Bands

iv.      Games

c.      Wanted SGA to participate in function

d.     Date expected to be for Feb. 3 around 7:00 p.m. till whenever

2)     Talked about parking services

a.      Parking fired student workers so the full time employees can receive their $50,000 dollars in bonuses

i.      Students were not warned before cuts were made.

Financial Appropriations Committee Report:

A financial appropriations committee report was submitted, but will not be on the agenda since the registered student organization no longer needs funding.

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