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Agenda for January 11, 2010

Order of Business

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Minutes & Agenda
  4. Welcome & Introductions
  5. Executive Business
    1. VP for Financial Affair’s Report
    2. Committee Chairs’ Reports
      1. i.      Chair of Student Life Committee
      2. ii.      Chair of Academic Affairs Committee
      3. iii.      Chair of University Affairs Committee
      4. iv.      Chair of Financial Appropriations Committee
  6. New Business
    1. A Bill (SB S 2010-01) Appropriations
    2. Election of a New Parliamentarian
  7. Advisors’ and Members’ Remarks
  8. Announcements
  9. Gallery Remarks
  10. Adjournment

VP for Financial Affair’s Report

Student Life Committee Report

(No written report submitted.)

Academic Affairs Committee Report

(No written report submitted.)

University Affairs Committee Report

(No written report submitted.)

Financial Appropriations Committee Report



Organization Name: National Panhellenic Council

Total Number of Members: 143

Contact Person: Mallory Terlesky
Contact Phone Number: 330-774-7114
Contact Email:

Advisor: Carrie Anderson
Advisor’s Phone Number: 330-941-4702
Advisor’s Email:

What fundraising efforts has your organization recently put forth? What is being planned?: This semester we did candy bars as our fundraisers.

What community service has your organization participated in recently? What is being planned? Please be specific as to how many participate and if it is done on behalf of the organization.: The National Panhellenic Council is a body which is composed of four sororities, over the course of the year, we have participated in their philanthropy events which include: Zeta Tau Alpha’s Pink Ribbon Cheer Classic raised $109,425 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation (Oct 2009) Alpha Xi Delta’s Jail and Bail raised $1,808 for the Rich Center for Autism (October 2009) Alpha Omega Pi’s Watermelon Bust raised $1500 for Easter Seal (April 2009) Delta Zeta Turtle Tug raised $ 1685 for Youngstown Hearing and Speech (September 2009) All four sororities have participated in Up till Dawn (November 2009) Each chapter does service hours also This year we have donated a total of $2300 as a Council. (November 2009) $1500 to the United Way and $800 for Trumbull County Head Start.

Name of Event: Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values
Date of Event: February 11-14 2009
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Expected Participation: 5 members
Total Cost of Event: 3046

Description of Event: THe purpose of the AFLV according to is The specific primary purpose of the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values is to stimulate the growth and development of fraternity/sorority council and chapter leaders by promoting leadership, educational, and values based experiences and resources for student leaders, their advisors, and the larger fraternal market”. At the conference we can come together for networking and idea sharing. From this we will learn how to better serve the Greek Community and the Campus and Community around us. We will also learn many individual skills that will benefit the council and community. These skills include, management, organization, marketing, problem solving, handling diversity, crisis management, and networking. The conference spans four days, which include two full days, and two half days of conference sessions.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body?: Through attending the conference, students affiliated with the National Panhellenic Council have the opportunity to attend over two days’ worth of sessions on topics that range from honing leadership abilities to crisis intervention to tips for recruitment strategies to dealing with diversity. After participating in these stimulating discussions with collegiates from across mid[western America, our representatives will have the opportunity to share these new idea with YSU students as well as put them into practice, In addition to the varied workshops that are offered, various key note speakers, such as Dr. Will Keim gives inspirational speeches that have been helpful to the Greek Community and Campus. If given the opportunity to attend this conference, the five members of our executive council will be able to obtain leadership skill which they can, in turn, share with other students here at YSU. After all, a person can make a bigger impact on their community if they, themselves, have had the chance to improve upon their own character.

Itemized Cost:

Description Amount Requested
these are last years figures, but they will be similar
Hotel $101 x 5 attendees=$505 $404
Airfare $278 x 5 attendees= $1390 $1112
Registration fees $230 x 5 attendees= 1150 $920
Total $2436

I have read the YSU-SGA Financial Path, as enacted, and agree to the conditions contained therein.

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED: $600.00 to defray the cost of registration.

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