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Agenda for February 22, 2010

Order of Business

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Minutes & Agenda
  4. Executive Business
    1. Speaker – Student Internet Radio, Adam Earnheardt
    2. President’s Report
    3. VP for Financial Affair’s Report
    4. Committee Chairs’ Reports
      1. i.      Chair of University Affairs Committee
      2. ii.      Chair of Academic Affairs Committee
        1. Last Lecture Series
      3. iii.      Chair of Student Life Committee
      4. iv.      Chair of Financial Appropriations Committee
  5. Unfinished Business
    1. Haiti Benefit ad hoc Committee
  6. New Business
    1. Charter and By-laws ad hoc Committee
    2. A Bill (SB S 2010-04) Appropriations
  7. Gallery Remarks
  8. Advisors’ and Members’ Remarks
  9. Announcements
  10. Adjournment

President’s Report

I recently met with the rest of the executive committee to discuss progress reports which were given to me by the chairs of each committee. The following are the recommendations for the committees:

University Affairs Committee

Continue on your assessment of the campus’ disability friendliness and implement a plan to see through the adoption of a third-party email server for YSU by the end of next Spring semester.

Academic Affairs Committee

Focus your efforts for the remainder of this semester on creating a potentially annual or “Last Lecture Series” as described in your chair’s proposal. Also, with fall scheduling right around the corner, create a “grassroots” campaign to publicize the use of the Degree Audit Request System (DARS) for student scheduling. Meet with Director of Degree Audit, Marie Cullen if necessary.

Student Life Committee

Plan and execute a second (possibly on-campus) “Meet the Reps” event.  Also, begin thinking about a potential “gift to students” incase that we have enough money at the end of this semester to purchase one. This could be anything that would benefit a large number of students. For example, in 2003-2004 they had ATM’s put in the dorms.

I recently also met with two successful YSU alumni who are looking to make life in Youngstown a little better for YSU students. The following is the result of these discussions:

Legal Services for Students

Attorney Joshua Hiznay, former Vice President of Financial Affairs for SGA, has ffered a multitude of various (very) discounted legal services for student’s with a YSU ID. Check out the SGA website for rates. He guaranteed us that we will not find cheaper legal services anywhere else, and consultation is always free.

The Lemon Grove

Jacob Harver, owner of the downtown restaurant, is now offering discounts to students with a YSU ID. This includes free and discounted coffee products on Mondays as well as a daily 10% discount.

Election petitions for the 2010-2011 school year are now out. They are due March 1st at 5:00 pm and elections will be held April 7th and 8th. Please start getting the word out and get your friends involved in SGA!

VP for Financial Affairs Report
Full Budget Total Appropriated Returned Unappropriated Balance
$31,050.29 $22,848.64 1,393.44 $9,595.09
Approved Requests, Fall
Organization Appropriated Date Allocated Returned Notes % of Funds Unobligated
Scholar Trustees 800.00 9/14/2009 conference registration 30.90%
Student Nurses Association 350.00 9/14/2009 hotel and gas
YSU College Republicans 100.00 9/14/2009 100.00 security fee Organizations Funded
Dance Club 800.00 9/28/2009 instructor fee 44
University Scholar Trustees 545.64 9/28/2009 Shantytown
Western Reserve Batallion Society 447.00 9/28/2009 447.00 no contact, unregistered Mean Appropriation
Ulitmate Frisbee Club 500.00 9/28/2009 entry fee and uniforms $519.29
Alpha Lambda Delta 200.00 9/28/2009 registration and airfare
Society of Women Engineers 250.00 9/28/2009 hotel
YSU Extramural Sports Club 500.00 9/28/2009 registration
Zeta Tau Alpha 1,400.00 9/28/2009 146.44 pink ribbon cheer classic
UNA-USA-YSU 800.00 9/28/2009 registration
YSU Student Education Association 400.00 10/12/2009 parking
African Student Union 550.00 10/12/2009 food
YSUnity 175.00 10/12/2009 ads
Rugby Club 400.00 10/12/2009 union fees
Dental Hygientists 375.00 10/12/2009 lodging and brochures
Catholic Student Association 776.00 10/12/2009 pancake study breaks
Institute of Mgmt.Accountants 325.00 10/26/2009 lodging
Early  Childhood Student Association 400.00 10/26/2009 conference fees
Dana Research Society 340.00 10/26/2009 registration and event fees
American Marketing Association 500.00 10/26/2009 registration fees
Greek Campus Life 500.00 10/26/2009 food- Up til Dawn
OMCEA 1,000.00 10/26/2009 lodging – conferences
Institute of Industrial Engineers 500.00 10/26/2009 registration
Indian International Student Org. 500.00 11/9/2009 food
Campus Crusade for Christ 400.00 11/9/2009 conference
YSU Philosphy and Religious Studies 650.00 11/9/2009 venue and food
Dance Ensemble 750.00 11/9/2009 lighting
Dana Guitar Association 700.00 11/23/2009 recital fee
Moonbuggy Society 500.00 11/23/2009 gas, lodging
UNA-USA-YSU 1,000.00 11/23/2009 NATO
Youngstown Percussion Collective 700.00 11/23/2009 700.00 cancelled event
Society of Automotive Engineers 550.00 11/23/2009 gas, lodging
National Panhellenic Council 600.00 1/11/2009 registration
NAMI on Campus 100.00 1/25/2010 national registration
Physical Education Majors Club 440.00 1/25/2010 convention registration
Sigma Tau Gamma 600.00 2/8/2010 registration
Gerontological Society 300.00 2/8/2010 advertising and refreshments
YSU Lacrosse 600.00 2/8/2010 referee fees
Dana Flute Society 425.00 2/8/2010 parking and security
Catholic Student Association 300.00 2/8/2010 registration
Interfraternity Council 400.00 2/8/2010 registration
YSU Gospel Choir 400.00 2/8/2010 artist fees

University Affairs Committee Report



Lindsay Lipp-Excused

Ra’Shawd Davis

Justin Butt

Americans with Disabilities Initiative-

*The committee is going to invite a representative from Facilities and Disability Services

to discuss our findings.

*We would like to compose a letter as a committee to send to City Hall about cross walks.


*We have decided that both services are comparable to each other.  The committee has

decided to support Live@edu.


*The committee thinks we need more security in the parking lots and more lighting.

*We would like to see emergency call buttons on campus.


*Committee briefly discuss the parking issue

*Jack is contacting a representative of parking to attend a committee meeting.

Wick Pollock Clean-Up-

*Jack is contacting owner to find a date

*We are aiming for a Saturday in April

*We will conduct a committee meeting at the gardens

Academic Affairs Committee Report

February 15, 2010

Absent: Anna Vietmeier

  • Demonstrated current status of the DARs system.
    • Discussed current apparent problems with DARs.
    • Proposed to contact key persons involved with DARs in order to ascertain whether the problems we perceive are valid.
    • Proposed to draft a resolution concerning DARs.
  • Discussed new idea: Last Lecture series.
    • Please see attachment.

1st Semi-Annual

Student Government Association

Last Lecture Series

What is a “Last Lecture”?

A “Last Lecture” is an academic exercise that has been occurring in various university settings for quite some time. It is, as described by Britain’s The Independent newspaper, an “old academic conceit whereby teachers are asked to imagine they’re near death and must therefore sum up the entire collection of wisdom they wish to pass on to their students in a single lecture.”[1] Some “last lectures” are incorporated into larger university lecture series, while others standalone. In short, a “last lecture” is a lecture given by a university faculty member where they answer the hypothetical question: “If this was the last lecture you could give to students, what would you tell them?”

Why does this sound familiar?

You may be thinking of Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon University professor whose 2007 “Last Lecture” was, tragically, not just hypothetical. After Pausch had already agreed to speak as part of Carnegie Mellon’s Last Lecture Series, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His story and lecture, entitled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” became nationally recognized and was turned into a book entitled The Last Lecture that was published before Pausch’s death.

If you are interested in watching Randy Pausch’s entire lecture, you can do so here:

How would the series work?

The tentative plan includes the following:

  • Twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring, a professor will be selected to present a hypothetical “last lecture” to the university community.
  • A process will be put into place for students, faculty, staff, and administrators to nominate professors who they wish to hear speak.
    • From the list of nominees, a professor will be chosen.
    • Ideally, a “last lecture” should incorporate both facets from the chosen professor’s academic background and universal life lessons that appear to a broad audience.

Why is this a good idea?

  • A “Last Lecture” series would enrich student learning and the university community.
  • It is inexpensive. In fact, the cost would be virtually nothing.
  • It is something that the Student Government Association can host as a way to give back to the university community.
  • It will not only introduce students to professors and subjects they may never experience inside the classroom, but will also teach valuable life lessons.

When would this occur?

It is the hope of the Academic Affairs Committee that the inaugural lecture would take place this semester, during the month of April.

At the latest, the series would begin in the Fall 2010 semester.

Student Life Committee Report

Monday February 15, 2010

Those not in attendance: X

?  The Student Life committee discussed the possibility of having another Meet the Reps night.  Instead of having it at BW3’s, the committee decided it should be located on campus.

?  Instead of a traditional Meet the Reps dinner, or social we came up with “Rockin with the Reps”, a concert that would be held in the Chestnut Room featuring local bands from 7 to 10 pm on March 24.

?  Another option was sponsoring a Penguin Pre-Party and setting up a table during the event so students could come and talk to their college’s representative.

?  During either event, we plan on passing out a Dinning Services/ Transportation Service survey for students to fill out.  The survey was completed last semester, anyone interested in seeing a copy see Elyse.

Future Possibilities:

?  The Student Life Committee is moving in the direction of favoring a Penguin Pre-Party instead of booking the Chestnut Room.

?  A possible Meet Your President Night with Dr. Cynthia Anderson!!!

?  Participating in May Day, so students can visit an SGA table and have more opportunities to talk to representatives

Financial Appropriations Committee Report


Organization Name: Criminal Justice Graduate Student Association

Total Number of Members: 4

Contact Person: Ian Chaves

Contact Phone Number: 240-994-8923

Contact Email:

Advisor: Dr. John Hazy

Advisor’s Phone Number: 330-941-1789

Advisor’s Email:

What fundraising efforts has your organization recently put forth? What is being planned?: 2 Bake Sales

What community service has your organization participated in recently? What is beingplanned? Please be specific as to how many participate and if it is done on behalf of theorganization.: Akron Childrens HospitalRelay for Life 2010

Name of Event: ACJS Conference

Date of Event: February 23- February 26

Location: San Diego, CA

Expected Participation: Research presentation

Total Cost of Event: $4,960.00

Description of Event: The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences conference is a collaboration of multiple criminal justice experts from all over the United States. The conference meets once yearly for approximately one week. During this conference, research will be presented for four days on a variety of criminal justice topics. It is an excellent opportunity to hear current research as well as represent Youngstown State University.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body?: Our criminal justice students represent the health and human services of our community. We have spent extensive time researching and understanding these projects in order to further our knowledge as well as implement future research and policies that will help the criminal justice department. We want to show other students that with the right amount of determination and hard work in the academic setting, you can accomplish research that has the ability to benefit our society. YSU and the student body will benefit from our experience as we plan on bringing back information we have learned and experiment with them on our own campus.

Itemized Cost:

Description Amount Requested
Hotel rooms (2)- 4 nights 1,400.00
Air Fare (4) 1,200.00
Food (3 meals daily for 4 people) 1,500.00
Transportation 500.00
Conference Registration fee (4 @ $90.00) 360.00
Total 4,960.00

AMOUNT RECOMMENDED: $500.00 to defray the cost of lodging.

SB S 2010-04

Making appropriations for one organization.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Youngstown State University Student Government Association assembled, That the following sums are appropriated, out of any money in the Appropriations Fund not otherwise appropriated, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010, for the activities of student organizations, namely:

Section 1: Criminal Justice Graduate Student Association is appropriated the sum of $500.00 in order to defray the cost of lodging for the upcoming ACJS Conference held in San Diego, California. Four members are expected to attend on the date of February 23 through February 26.

[1] Tim Walker, "Randy Pausch: The dying man who taught America how to live," The Independent,  March 25, 2008,
            randy-pausch-the-dying-man-who-taught-america-how-to-live-800182.html (accessed February 16, 2010).

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