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Agenda for April 26, 2010

Transition Meeting

Order of Business, Part I

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Minutes from March 29th, 2010 & April 12th, 2010
  4. Approval of the Agenda
  5. Executive Business
    1. President’s Remarks
    2. VP for Financial Affair’s Year-end Report
    3. Committee Chairs’ Reports
      1. i.      Chair of University Affairs Committee
      2. ii.      Chair of Academic Affairs Committee
      3. iii.      Chair of Student Life Committee
  6. Unfinished Business
  7. New Business
  8. Gallery Remarks
  9. Advisors’ and Members’ Remarks
  10. Announcements
  11. Adjournment

VP for Financial Affairs’ Report
Full Budget Total Appropriated Returned Unappropriated Balance
$31,050.29 $24,122.64 1,393.44 $8,321.09
Approved Requests, Fall
Organization Appropriated Date Allocated Returned Notes % of Funds Unobligated
Scholar Trustees 800.00 9/14/2009 conference registration 26.80%
Student Nurses Association 350.00 9/14/2009 hotel and gas
YSU College Republicans 100.00 9/14/2009 100.00 security fee Organizations Funded
Dance Club 800.00 9/28/2009 instructor fee 47
University Scholar Trustees 545.64 9/28/2009 Shantytown
Western Reserve Batallion Society 447.00 9/28/2009 447.00 no contact, unregistered Mean Appropriation
Ulitmate Frisbee Club 500.00 9/28/2009 entry fee and uniforms $513.25
Alpha Lambda Delta 200.00 9/28/2009 registration and airfare
Society of Women Engineers 250.00 9/28/2009 hotel
YSU Extramural Sports Club 500.00 9/28/2009 registration
Zeta Tau Alpha 1,400.00 9/28/2009 146.44 pink ribbon cheer classic
UNA-USA-YSU 800.00 9/28/2009 registration
YSU Student Education Association 400.00 10/12/2009 parking
African Student Union 550.00 10/12/2009 food
YSUnity 175.00 10/12/2009 ads
Rugby Club 400.00 10/12/2009 union fees
Dental Hygientists 375.00 10/12/2009 lodging and brochures
Catholic Student Association 776.00 10/12/2009 pancake study breaks
Institute of Mgmt.Accountants 325.00 10/26/2009 lodging
Early  Childhood Student Association 400.00 10/26/2009 conference fees
Dana Research Society 340.00 10/26/2009 registration and event fees
American Marketing Association 500.00 10/26/2009 registration fees
Greek Campus Life 500.00 10/26/2009 food- Up til Dawn
OMCEA 1,000.00 10/26/2009 lodging – conferences
Institute of Industrial Engineers 500.00 10/26/2009 registration
Indian International Student Org. 500.00 11/9/2009 food
Campus Crusade for Christ 400.00 11/9/2009 conference
YSU Philosphy and Religious Studies 650.00 11/9/2009 venue and food
Dance Ensemble 750.00 11/9/2009 lighting
Dana Guitar Association 700.00 11/23/2009 recital fee
Moonbuggy Society 500.00 11/23/2009 gas, lodging
UNA-USA-YSU 1,000.00 11/23/2009 NATO
Youngstown Percussion Collective 700.00 11/23/2009 700.00 cancelled event
Society of Automotive Engineers 550.00 11/23/2009 gas, lodging
National Panhellenic Council 600.00 1/11/2009 registration
NAMI on Campus 100.00 1/25/2010 national registration
Physical Education Majors Club 440.00 1/25/2010 convention registration
Sigma Tau Gamma 600.00 2/8/2010 registration
Gerontological Society 300.00 2/8/2010 advertising and refreshments
YSU Lacrosse 600.00 2/8/2010 referee fees
Dana Flute Society 425.00 2/8/2010 parking and security
Catholic Student Association 300.00 2/8/2010 registration
Interfraternity Council 400.00 2/8/2010 registration
YSU Gospel Choir 400.00 2/8/2010 artist fees
Crimininal Justice Grad. Society 500.00 2/22/2010 registration
New Music Society 350.00 2/22/2010 guest artist fee
Campus Crusade for Christ 424.00 3/15/2010 Big Break Event

University Affairs Committee Report

University Affairs Issue Summary Sheet (Spring 2010)

  • Campus safety
    • longboard policy
      • Problem: At the initial phase of investigating how to allow university students to use longboard skateboards on campus
      • Next Step: Research what other universities have in terms of skateboard policies
    • campus security
      • Issue: Safety against crime in the decks, better lighting on campus, easier to access to call boxes in the winter, investigate the use of campus security escorts to learn more about their role
      • Current Progress: Engineering/Facilities is currently working on lighting
      • Next Step: Talk to campus police / campus security boys to learn more about their roles in university security and to find ways to make them more accessible to students
    • crosswalks
      • Issue: Many crosswalks are not easy to spot, crosswalk lights are out along major roadways around campus, timing issue with the 5th/Armed Services Blvd crosswalk.
      • Current Progress: Parking Services is investigating and implementing a new crosswalk planning strategy in the coming months
      • Next Step: Keep in touch with YSU Parking Services to track their progress on this issue (Daniel O’Connell)
  • Americans for Disabilities Act
    • Issue: Buildings and sidewalks on campus are not up to ADA standards and require upgrades
    • Current Status: Our report of problem areas on campus is complete (check SGA records)
    • Next Step: Meet with Disability Services and Facilities (with report) to discuss and prioritize improvements
  • Parking
    • Issue: What is the university going to do to accommodate the increase in enrollment  and the potential demolition of the M2 Deck?
    • Current Status: Deck is likely to be torn down, not sure yet when exactly (possibly summer?)
    • Next Step: Meet with Campus Planning (Hunter Morrison) and Parking Services (Daniel O’Connell) and figure out the current status on these parking plans and also how SGA can get involved in the solution.
    • Deck is possible to obtain with student backing and willingness to increase fees. Otherwise everything is going to become surface lots.
    • Investigate how parking fee is spent looking at student records.
    • Parking pass rate would have to be increased in order to afford a deck. Perhaps figure out how much more it would cost students per pass if we were to pay for a deck.
  • Third Party Email Initiative
    • Issue: YSU needs a better e-mail system with larger capacity, more user-friendly. Research is done, Microsoft’s e-mail client is what the university and SGA both like.
    • Currently: Waiting for Media and Academic Computing to begin working to SGA to implement the new system.
    • Next Step: Meet with Mike Hreshenko (M&AC) and see how SGA can help the university implement a third-party system.
  • presidential climate commitment
    • Issue: Should the President sign the commitment? We investigated it and found that YSU already meets many of the standards.
    • Current Status: COMPLETE. SGA approved a resolution recommending that the YSU President sign the commitment.
  • Wick Pollock Garden Cleanup
    • Issue: Wick Pollock Garden needs annual maintenance. SGA, along with Larry Tooker (ret. Grounds Official) are responsible for implementing this annually.
    • Current Status: Got student volunteers from SGA and other organizations to participate in the cleanup this April.
    • Next Step: Plan an additional cleanup in the Fall or Spring. Do this or die!!

Academic Affairs Committee Report

April 19, 2010

Guests: Steve Mesik & constituent

  • Drafted thank you note to Dr. Anderson for presenting at Last Lecture Series.
  • Discussed uneven funding to departments in STEM, in particular the lack of acceptable and functional lab equipment in the Physics Department labs.

Student Life Committee Report

The Student Life Committee 2009-2010 Report

Fall Semester

  • Accomplished
  • Organized a Meet The Reps Night at BW3’s, Youngstown Location.  Provided food, beverages and entertainment for the students.
  • Hosted a tailgate tent at the 2009 Homecoming Football Game.  Offered food, beverages, and a free t-shirt to those in attendance.
  • Held meetings with Dining Services (Tom Totterdale) to discuss on campus dining issues and suggestions.
  • Offered coffee, hot chocolate and cookies at the final’s week extended library hours.
  • Also Planned: Student Government Association Winter Retreat

Spring Semester

  • Accomplished
  • Dining Services/ Transportation Survey Passed out at Penguin Pre-Party
  • Hosted a table at the Penguin Pre-Party, raffled off ten Third Eye Blind tickets.  Passed out survey to students who approached table.
  • May Day Kick Off Party.  Thursday, April 29 from 5 to 630 in the Rec 5 area.  Free food, beverages, and a SGA Kick Off Party wristband will be offered.  Games and activities will take places at the event including corn hole, and Frisbee challenge. Other campus organizations will host tables at the event to promote student activities at YSU.  Students must show I.D.’s to enter.

Things to continue for next fiscal year

  • Tabulate Survery results and present them to continuing meetings with Dining Services to improve student satisfaction.
  • Organize a SGA retreat.
  • Annualize the May Day Kick Off Party
  • Become more involved at Penguin Pre-Parties
  • Increase on-campus PR for Student Government to allow easier accessibility and awareness for students.

Financial Appropriations Committee Report
(No appropriations for this week.)

Transition Meeting

Order of Business, Part II

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call

III. Introductions

IV.  New Business

  1. Executive Committee Elections, Appointment, and Confirmations
    1. i.      Appointment of Vice President for Financial Affairs
    2. ii.      Confirmation of Chief of Staff
    3. iii.      Confirmation of Secretary of Technology
    4. iv.      Election of Vice President for Student Life
    5. v.      Election of Vice President for University Affairs
    6. vi.      Election of Parliamentarian
    7. vii.      Appointment of Advisors
    8. viii.      Nominate Homecoming King and Queen
    9. Discussion of Ideas for Summer & Fall
    10. Advisors & Members Remarks

VI.  Announcements

  1. Gallery Remarks
  2. Adjournment

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