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Student Life Committee

This year it will continue to be priority to provide the annual events for the students such as coffee tables and tailgates for the students, but with a updated additions and greater representation from the committee as well as the general body.  It will also be of importance to achieve a higher participation by the entire student body through the improvements of advertisement and social media in advance (possibly at prior events hosted by SGA).  Ultimately, Student Life has the duty of providing support and commitment to the numerous student organizations on campus through the collaboration other events, therefore new approaches will be taken to achieve in doing so- such as Student Spotlight with Student Activities, and “SGA Serves” the initiative proposed by Executive members.  In due time, myself and the Student Life committee as well, hope to achieve a better relationship with a more proactive approach with as many students and their organizations as possible.  After all, the relationships and connections among the students themselves set the foundation for the environment and possibilities that surrounds them.

James MacGegor

James MacGregor

Vice President of Student Life

Beeghley College of Education

Jon Burns

Jon Burns

Chair of Student Life

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

Anthony Lattanzio in front of SGA Seal

Anthony Lattanzio

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

Alyssa Olmi

College of Health and Human Services

Audrey Keleman

Audrey Kelemen

College of Health and Human Services

Jayne Catlos

Jayne Catlos

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Jerrilyn Guy

College of Graduate Studies

Representative Mackenzi Brozovich in front of SGA logo

Mackenzi Brozovich

Beeghley College of Education

Ash standing in front of Student Government association Logo

Ash Harsha

International Student Representative

Graduate Studies

Representative Avery Mauger in front of SGA seal

Avery Mauger