Assessment & Enrichment Committee

“The Assessment & Enrichment committee of Student Government at Youngstown State University is a multifaceted group of students. Tackling tasks from student safety to student discounts, being a liaison for the student body to the community, faculty, and staff, and ensuring student wellness both financially and academically. The main goals for the committee are to enhance the transparency of the student government body and its workings, promote and advertise our students’ successes, and develop a strategic plan to make Youngstown State a more commuter friendly campus.”

Kennedy Romeo, Vice President for Assessment & Enrichment

Committee Members

  • Kennedy Romeo, Vice President for Assessment & Enrichment
  • Angelo Elia, Chair
  • Julia Carson, Committee Member
  • Haley Lowe, Committee Member
  • Emily Crawford, Committee Member
  • Emily Vero, Committee Member
  • Nicholas Lattanzio, Committee Member
  • Dakota Obermiyer, Committee Member
  • Michael Cline, Committee Member
  • Balakrishna Brahmandam, Committee Member