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Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee pertains to academic issues as they relate to the students at YSU. These include Textbook affordability, academic lectures, writing contests, course curriculum, the academic senate, and others. It works as an idea generator, advocacy group, and event organizer, and its members strive to ensure positive academic policy and appreciation.


Executive Vice President Gabriella Gessler posed on a couch

Gabriella Gessler

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Health and Human Services

Megan Evans, representative
Megan Evans

Chair of  Academic Affairs

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Andy Morgan, representative

Andy Morgan

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

AnnaMaria Jadue, representative

AnnaMaria Jadue

College of Creative Arts and Communications

Jordan Edgell, representative

Jordan Edgell

College of Health and Human Services

Jordan Zaluski, representative

Jordan Zaluski

College of Graduate Studies

Jasmine Brown

Health and Human Services

Taylor Greathouse, representative

Taylor Greathouse

Health and human Services

Lexi Rager, representative

Lexi Rager


Tyler Miller-Gordon, representative

Tyler Miller-Gordon

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences