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Environmental Sustainability

  • Water Bottle Refill Stations – having established a plethora of locations across campus, we are continuing to give away SGA re-usable water bottles to prevent the use of disposable plastic bottles.
  • INPLACE Grant through NEA – working with local professionals, SGA has been involved in the writing of a proposal to implement a national amphitheater, bioretention systems to manage storm water from Rayen Ave, and community gardens that will be sponsored by community stakeholders. Want a copy of the proposal? Email us at!
  • Ward Beecher Greenhouse – working with the Youngstown Environmental Sustainability Society we are taking efforts to develop a plan to revamp two of the three existing greenhouse chambers inside of Ward Beecher Hall. The new chambers would be used for agricultural purposes and will benefit community stakeholders such as the YSU Food Pantry, the Rescue Mission, and potentially Chartwells Dining Services.
  • Pop-Up Markets – Once SGA develops a source of locally grown produce (whether through the Ward Beecher Greenhouse or the community gardens) we want to provide a fresh, healthy option for students on campus by hosting periodic food stands or “Pop-up Markets”.
  • Composting – In collaboration with Recycling Services and Johnson Controls, SGA plans to assist in writing a service-oriented grant to procure solar panels to supplement our current composting efforts on campus. This would likely alleviate some of the electrical problems our composting units have faced in the past.
  • Bike Share Program – In collaboration with Campus Rec, SGA is conducting a needs assessment to gauge the benefit that a bike program can bring to the university.


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