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Post-Election Statement

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Youngstown State Student Government Association Logo

Fellow Students,

The executive leadership of the Student Government Association at Youngstown State University wishes to take time and assess post-inaugural conditions. Political polarization and personal uncertainty have increased both across the nation and within our University community. In light of these developments, we ask that everyone stand together as peers, reject marginalization, and sustain an environment that promotes equity and inclusion. A college education is transformative because it sparks engagement through ideological differences, fosters many facets of diversity, and cultivates productive discourse. These benefits are best achieved when we approach each conversation with an acknowledgement of respect for our fellow Penguins.

Let us all take time to put forth our best in providing continuous support for each other, and to pursue awareness of, and respect for, those who hold contrasting views. As set forth in its mission statement, this University strives to “foster understanding of diversity, sustainability, and global perspectives; and advances the intellectual cultural life of the city, region, and world.” We will therefore work to ensure that YSU is a campus which serves as a home for individuals of all walks of life and as a forum for all manifestations of personal expression.


Gabriella Gessler
Student Government Association President
Jacob Schriner-Briggs
Student Government Association Executive Vice-President


Student Government Donates to Rookery Radio

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On April 15, SGA President Zachary Brown and Executive Vice President Abbie Twyford presented a check for $750 to Dr. Adam Earnheardt of YSU’s Communications Department at the YSU Annual Awards Banquet. This gift from SGA’s surplus office budget is destined to aid in the start-up of YSU’s new student Internet radio station for the benefit of the student body.

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Student Government Haiti Benefit Dinner

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On Friday, April 9th, the Student Government Association of Youngstown State University will be hosting a benefit dinner at the DeBartolo Stadium Club in Stambaugh Stadium for continued relief in Haiti. The event will feature speakers from the Mahoning Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross and Dr. Leon Pamphile, pastor, founder, and executive director of The Functional Literacy Ministry of Haiti. Several prizes will be raffled, including a 4-pack of 2010 YSU Football Season Tickets and lunch for 3 at the MVR with YSU’s new head football coach, Eric Wolford.

Click here to download the ticket request form for more information about the event and details for obtaining tickets.

Pastor, Founder, and Executive Director of
The Functional Literacy Ministry of Haiti.