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Spring 2011 Financial Appropriations

As this spring semester draws to an end, our appropriations budget will reach exhaustion. Appropriations to student organizations have been going out since June 2010, and consequently we can no longer accept further appropriations requests for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. If you are an officer of a student organization, we highly encourage you to begin planning your fall 2011 appropriation requests and submit them as soon as possible for any events or other needs that you anticipate to take place on or after August 29, 2011.

If your organization is seeking to apply for a summer appropriation, please continue to fill out the application for funding, as it will be reviewed by the Financial Appropriations Committee and they can determine whether funding from the current or upcoming fiscal year may be available to your organization for events taking place between the end of this spring semester and the upcoming fall semester in August.

Revised SGA Appropriations Budget Restructuralization Project proposal

The following is the SGA Appropriations Budget Restructuralization Project proposal, as revised by The Budget and Appropriations Restructuralization ad hoc Committee as of November 18, 2009.

This document is the previous draft with current revisions. Strikethrough denotes removal, whereas highlighted text denotes addition. These revisions address grammatical and clerical issues, as well as the controversial issue of whether or not Student Government intends to have the fee included in the expected tuition increase for Fall 2010.

This document is the final draft, revisions included, as it will be voted on November 23, 2009, and potentially sent to the Board of Trustees.

Draft of the SGA Appropriations Budget Restructuralization Project

It is our belief as Student Government Association, being the sole, legitimate, organized representation of the student body at Youngstown State University that our appropriations budget is insufficiently funded, and therefore, results in the failure of Student Government Association to fully tend to the needs of its constituents. In this document we seek to distinguish and explore the reasons behind this deficiency and suggest a resolution to the problem. Our vision is to institute new policies and procedures into student government which will further fuel our student organizations, inspire our students to achieve academic greatness, and foster campus and community involvement at Youngstown State University.

Click here to read the entire proposal of the SGA Appropriations Budget Restructuralization Project