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Constitution Changes: 2016 Election

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Student Government Association Legislative Bill Spring 2016

  1. Proposed Constitutional Changes to remove the Secretary of Technology from the Executive Board and to add hired positions, such as Technology Director and Marketing Manager as ex-officio seats to the Executive Board.

Proposed revisions are below

Article VII: Executive Committee

Section 1: Membership

  1. The membership of the Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Executive Vice President, Vice President for Financial Affairs, Vice President for Student Life, Vice President for University Affairs, Chief of Staff, Parliamentarian, and all advisors to the Student Government Association.


  1. Ex-officio members of the Executive Committee can consist of The Technology Director, Marketing Manager, and any other hired office assistants or interns.

The 2nd revision includes the removal of this section:

  1. The Secretary of Technology shall maintain and develop the Student Government Association website; maintain the network and computer hardware within the Student Government Association office as well as advise the President on new technological purchases; advise the Legislative Assembly, when needed, on technical issues; and act as a liaison between the Student Government Association and the appropriate university offices.

Yes (to Approve Changes)

No (to Deny Changes)


Elections – in case you missed the email!

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SGA Seal

YSU’s Student Government Association (SGA) would like to invite students to consider running for Academic Senate positions or Student Government Legislative Assembly representatives or the Presidential and Executive Vice-Presidential ticket for SGA.  For general information about the SGA voting process, check out the following links:


Why vote in the SGA election — How to join SGA & Academic Senate — How to vote in election

SGA structure - NEW3

With the Student Government Association election season quickly approaching, there are some key dates and issues to keep in mind in order to ensure your name appears on the ballot.

  • In order to appear on the ballot,YSU students are required to fill out an election petition consisting of student names and Banner numbers. Since various stipulations apply to the amount of names and banner numbers required for each of the 3 possible positions, information sheets for all positions are included on the petition forms cover page.
  • These petition forms can be acquired either in person at the Student Government offices in Kilcawley Center or in a printable version form the SGA website These petitions will be available March 15 by 12:00 p.m. and are due back to the Student Government offices by March 25 NO LATER THAN 5:00 p.m.

Following the verification of Banner numbers and names on the petitions, candidates will be notified of their position on the ballot and required to attend a meeting with the elections committee on Monday, March 28 beginning at 5:00 p.m. in Kilcawley Center (room to be announced). Attendance will be taken at this meeting in which all pertinent rules and regulations for campaigning, and general election rules will be reviewed and questions will be answered. The Elections Board Committee will do their best to make accommodations for those who cannot make this meeting; however, it is important to remember that one will be stricken from the final ballot if they do not meet with the Election Board to review campaigning rules. 

Campaigning will take place from March 28 through the end of the polling which will occur on April 6 and 7. Any and all questions are welcomed either through email to the Election Board Committee or in person during the initial meeting on March 28. We look forward to meeting all of the potential candidates for this years’ elections season!


2016 Election Board Committee

Joe Lamping, co-chair –

Taylor Phillips, co-chair –

Jordan Edgell –

Fiona Kelly –

Jim Tancabel –

Dr. Karen Becker, advisor –

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