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How does the appropriations process work?

Organizations will first be interviewed by SGA’s Appropriation Committee.  It is here that the committee gathers information from the organization and then recommends an amount to the entire SGA body that should be appropriated.  Each group is unique, so the committee uses their best judgment in these areas and tries to appropriate accordingly for similar organizations.


What does the committee and SGA body base the amount of their appropriation on?

The committee will formulate an initial amount to recommend based on the following criteria:

  1. How many students will be affected by the event?  Events that allow for greater student participation are considered higher priority (e.g. on-campus speakers) versus events that affect a smaller number of students (e.g. travel for a few students in an organization).   If the organization is travelling, how will the event benefit other YSU students on campus?
  2. Two members of the organization must have attended the Leadership Summit that is held at each the beginning of each semester coordinated through Student Activities
  3. Community Service:  How has your group spent time and efforts towards benefiting charities or others in the surrounding community/area?  The more the better.
  4. Fundraising:  How much time have you spent raising money on your own for the planned event?  Those with more effort in this area will be appropriated more.
  5. Date of the event.  Applications should be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance.  [Exceptions may be made in certain situations at the discretion of the committee]


What can SGA NOT appropriate funds for?

  • Discretionary use of an organization (funds are intended only for a specific event)
  • Routine meetings of an organization
  • On-campus social and educational events which are NOT open to the public
  • To aid in the fulfillment of graduation requirements
  • To reimburse previous expenditures of an organization
  • For anything not in accordance with University policy and rules or federal, state and local laws


How can appropriations can be spent?

SGA CANNOT write a check to reimburse an organization for an event.  All purchases must be made by SGA.  Below is a list of ways to spend appropriations.

  1. Travel Expense Reports (TERs) – this contract will be filled out by SGA in cooperation with the organization.  This will allow reimbursement for travel expenses.  This form must be completed and signed by the group traveling BEFORE they leave.  Exact details can be found at Click on the Forms & Resources tab and look under the Travel Heading.
  2. Contracts – if an organization needs to hire an outside performer/speaker/instructor, a University contract must be signed and completed.  The contract must be signed by the performer BEFORE he/she arrives on campus; therefore, funding requests must be done WELL in advance.
  3. Direct Transfer – SGA will directly transfer a group’s appropriations in to another University Banner account.  This does NOT include bank accounts, only University departmental accounts.
  4. Purchase Orders – SGA will purchase items for an organization through the use of a purchase order (P.O.).   The vendor must be contacted ahead of time and approve of the transaction.  (Note:  Most large, corporations will not accept this form of payment, for it is used mainly for smaller, locally owned businesses)
  5. On Campus Vendors – SGA can directly pay on-campus vendors (e.g. Sodexho, Campus Security, ComDoc, Graphic Services, Parking, etc.)
  6. Sam’s Club P.O. – shopping can be done at Sam’s Club, but the card must be attained ahead of time and a standing purchase order must be created first.
  7. Online Shopping – organizations can order supplies ONLY from the Internet.  An organization must submit the details of the order to SGA and have them approved by the University.  SGA will then conduct the purchase.

Please note that an organization will NOT be reimbursed for money spent out of their own pockets, the procedures above must be done and completed by SGA’s V.P. for Financial Affairs.

* This document is meant for instructional purposes only and does not supersede the Financial Path, which is the official document governing the appropriations process.


Please be prepared to provide the following information during your meeting with the Financial Appropriations Committee:

  1. Tell us about your event?
  2. What is the purpose of your event?
  3. Have you raised money towards this event?  If so, how much?
  4. Activities your organization has participated in during the previous and current academic years.  This may include, but not limited to, the following: Community service, new member drives, seminars or speakers attended on campus, etc.
  5. How would your event/trip benefit YSU and the student body?
  6. Any additional information you would like to share.


Looking for the Appropriations application?

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