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Agenda for January 24, 2011

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Order of Business

I.                   Call to Order

II.               Guest Speaker

a.      Julie Felix—Academic Advisor, CLASS

b.     Mrs. Judith Gains—Executive Director, Student Life

III.            Roll Call

IV.            Approval of the Minutes & Agenda

V.                Executive Business

a.      President’s Report

b.     Executive Vice President’s Report

c.      Vice President for Financial Affairs’ Report

d.     Committee Chairs’ Reports

i.      Chair of Student Life Committee

ii.      Chair of Academic Affairs Committee

iii.      Chair of University Affairs Committee

iv.      Chair of Financial Appropriations Committee

VI.            Unfinished Business

VII.         New Business

VIII.     Gallery Remarks

IX.            Advisors’ Remarks

X.                Members’ Remarks

XI.            Announcements

XII.         Adjournment

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Meet the Reps Night at Christman Dining Hall

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Welcome back to YSU in the Spring semester!  Surely everybody has already had a good return to classes, and the Student Government Association would like to start off the semester meeting with students!  So come up tomorrow, Wednesday, January 19 to Christman Dining Hall by Lyden and Cafaro House between 5pm and 8pm for the first Meet the Reps Night of the semester!