Monthly Archives: February 2010

Agenda for February 22, 2010

Order of Business

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Minutes & Agenda
  4. Executive Business
    1. Speaker – Student Internet Radio, Adam Earnheardt
    2. President’s Report
    3. VP for Financial Affair’s Report
    4. Committee Chairs’ Reports
      1. i.      Chair of University Affairs Committee
      2. ii.      Chair of Academic Affairs Committee
        1. Last Lecture Series
      3. iii.      Chair of Student Life Committee
      4. iv.      Chair of Financial Appropriations Committee
  5. Unfinished Business
    1. Haiti Benefit ad hoc Committee
  6. New Business
    1. Charter and By-laws ad hoc Committee
    2. A Bill (SB S 2010-04) Appropriations
  7. Gallery Remarks
  8. Advisors’ and Members’ Remarks
  9. Announcements
  10. Adjournment

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YSU Specials at the Lemon Grove

The Lemon Grove is now offering specials for YSU students, faculty, and staff. Just bring your YSU ID to the Lemon Grove at 122 West Federal Street in Downtown Youngstown.

Mondays: Free Coffee and 20% off any other coffee bar drink.

Everyday: 10% off food, drinks, and copies. This discount excludes fine art and alcohol.

Free WiFi and the kitchen is open until 4 am daily!

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday, 11am – 4am
Saturday-Sunday, 5pm – 4am

For more, visit

Discounted Legal Services for YSU Students

Attorney Joshua Hiznay, a YSU and Student Government alum, in partnership with YSU’s Student Government Association is offering special discount rates for current YSU students who need legal services. Those include Student Disciplinary and Academic Grievance Hearings, as well as general legal services. Please see this document for all discounted rate information.

The Law Offices of Joshua R. Hiznay are located at:
1040 South Commons Place, Suite 202
Youngstown, OH 44514

Contact information: